Want a fabulous new home in in Victoria right on budget? Talk to Kitome about kit homes that can be real dream homes.

Kitome kit homes are true designer homes. These big, stylish homes have a huge range of designs, including two storey homes. You can even adjust the designs to suit your needs.

Kitome designer homes

There are three Kitome design series:
Prestige Series:

The Prestige Series homes are authentic, time-honoured Australian home designs. These very large homes include the latest designer floor plan ideas and lots of space for any family. Flexible design ideas allow you to adjust your space and really create your own home the way you want it to be.

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Freedom Series:

The adaptable Freedom series includes large two storey and single story homes . These very spacious designs allow a lot of freedom of choice with many style options. The Freedom Series is perfect for those who want living space and style.

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Gable Series:

The fully customisable Gable Series is so flexible you can choose to have up to 5 bedrooms. You can create a cosy home for a couple, a dazzling suburban family home, or a big super home; it’s your choice.

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Create your home design

Kitome can adapt all these designs for you to create your very own personalised home. Design the home you’ve always wanted. Would you like a special space for your work or a huge family room? Just ask, and you’ve got them. You can really create your dream home with our kit homes.

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