Want a dazzling new home in Tasmania right on budget? Kitome can give you the latest and best in modern designs.

Kitome kit homes really are designer homes. These new homes are top quality modern living environments with exceptional design options. You can even customise your whole house design exactly the way you want.

The Kitome Designer Range

The three Kitome design series include:
Prestige Series:

The big Prestige Series homes are the genuine Australian classic designs. These huge homes are perfect for those who want maximum space and top design features.New design techniques allow you to adjust plans to suit your style and needs easily and manage space the way you want it.

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Freedom Series:

The diverse Freedom series includes large two storey homes and big, ultra-modern one storey homes. The Freedom Series designs include smart suburban homes and big homes for big families. Take your pick of styles and plan options.

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Gable Series:

The Gable Series is a range of designs, which lets you create your home from the basic plans. You can create a wonderful home for a family, pick how many bedrooms or other features you want, or create a specially customised home for all your needs.

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Your home, your way

We can modify all our designs to make your perfect home. You really can have your dream home. Want a games room or your own private study? No problem at all. You decide what you want, and that’s what you’ll get.

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