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Hoping to find a beautiful modern home in South Australia? We can do it for you! Kitome kit homes are well within any home buyer’s budget, with a truly gigantic range of 100% fully customisable designs!

Kitome kit homes are top quality modern designer homes. These big, up to the minute homes include two storey homes and much more.

The Kitome Design Range

There are three Kitome design series:
Prestige Series:

These classic Australian home designs can be up to 5 bedrooms and a vast selection of additional features like rumpus rooms, home study, and so much more.

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Freedom Series:

The gracious, spacious Freedom range are very flexible, large two storey and one storey designs. They can be configured to any land space. They come with all modern amenities and designer options to create your comfortable, spacious, dream home. The Freedom range is ideal for family living!

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Gable Series:

The Gable Series is a range of designs for creation of your perfect home. This extraordinary range of designs includes your choice of 1- 5 bedrooms! The Gable designs can give you a fabulous holiday, a very budget-friendly home, or a second dwelling!

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Create your ideal home!

Kitome designs allow you to configure your new home the way you want! You can literally create your own perfect home! Would you like a home with a home office, kid’s room, games room, or other special spaces? You’ve got it!

Protect your budget with our fixed price guarantee!

Would you believe you can get a fantastic modern home, with design services included, for under $50,000? Your Prestige Series home will create an Australian classic for you. Buy a modern family home with the Freedom Series. How about creating your own personalised design with the Gable Series? The Kitome fixed price guarantee means no unexpected cost problems, either!

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