We’ll put you in touch with a home loan specialist that has been helping borrowers with their kit home finance requirements for years. They understand that differences exist between obtaining finance for a kit home than a more traditional house purchase, and they provide a tailored service to address these needs.

Multiple options for borrowers

With a suite of home loans that provides multiple options for borrowers, including:

A variety of fixed and variable loan rates

Redraw and offset facilities on the majority of loan options

A banking package option

Loan options for not only owner occupied, but for investment properties.

Insurance cover to protect loan repayments

Finally, a lender that understands kit homes

Some home loan providers see a kit home purchase as complicated, and as such, they can be difficult to deal with. Kitome will put you in touch with a lender that will simplify the process and like Kitome’s staged process of delivery, their funding works in much the same way. They take into consideration the value of the materials your home will be made of, not just the final value once everything is built and finalised.

Want to find out more


Talk to your Kitome Consultant and they will be only too happy to put you in touch with a financial services provider. They will provide a tailored service and assist you with any questions that you may have to obtain finance for your kit home.

Kitome Owners & Owner Builders Insurance Options

For most people, building or buying a home is amongst the largest emotional and financial decisions they ever make. This makes protecting one of your most valuable assets of the utmost importance.

Banks will protect their loan investment so that they are covered in the event of a loss and/or inability for the mortgagee to repay the loan. They won’t protect you, as the homeowner, if you are unable to repair or replace your home if it is damaged, or you suffer a total loss during the build and/or after completion.

At Kitome, we want all our clients to sleep easy knowing that you’re able to repair or rebuild your home in the event of loss or damage.

To do this, we have partnered with Teaminvest Private Insurance Services to help you find an insurance solution, to help protect your assets while building and owning your home.

Contact Teaminvest Private Insurance Services to discuss your insurance protection options which may include:

  • Owner Builders Insurance
  • Latent Defects Insurance
  • Home & Contents Insurance

Website: www.tipinsurances.com.au
Phone: 02 9955 9540
Mobile: 0401 615 606
Email: [email protected]

What Happy Clients Say

Financing our new home

We were finding it difficult to organise finance through the big end of town and turned to Kitome to discuss our delays. Kitome recommended we approach a lender they knew, and this was the turning point for our project. The lending team was very ready to assist and the ease and efficiency of organising the finance was a very nice change. They responded to our requests quickly via email and phone and within a very short time, we were approved to proceed. Our payments were dispersed once goods were delivered to site and the whole process was speedy and worry-free. The rates offered were very competitive and when we were about to sign the mortgage papers they discovered an even better rate for us saving us money each month, as well as a discount voucher book for our city. Some of the other lending institutions did not understand the kit home concept and were unwilling to lend to prospective home builders on large land blocks. We were and continue to be treated as people and not numbers. It is refreshing to deal with such a competent and understanding lender.

Mark and Kerry Wagstaff

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