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Take a look through our collection of 50+ designs from sprawling mansions designed to sit perfectly in the rural setting, generously sized family homes suited to regional and suburban blocks or cabins of all sizes to suit cosy holiday retreats right up to spacious 5 bedroom homes. In short, we have a design to cater for every taste and budget.


Alter any of our designs to better suit your needs!

So you’ve identified one of our designs that you like but… you need to add an extra room or home office, you need to reconfigure the kitchen, you really wanted higher ceilings, you need to extend that veranda to include an entertaining area. Whatever you need, we can make it happen because our designs are just the beginning, YOU decide the end result!


Design your own home from scratch!!!

At Kitome, we pride ourselves on our ability to get customers into the home they want, and the key to our success is simple: we offer complete design flexibility. What does that mean? It means that we are not limited by our designs. So if you can’t find what you want in any of our designs we will quote on supplying a kit to suit YOUR DESIGN!

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With a range that includes traditional reinterpretations of classic designs, through to strikingly modern designs, we believe our choice is far superior to any kit home manufacturer in Australia. Our current portfolio covers everything from cosy studio style cabins to 4 and 5 bedroom family homes, right through to sprawling country manors.

Prestige Series view all prestige series

Prestige Series This series features our larger more spacious designs, with a selection of classic and contemporary rooflines and facades. The spacious designs allow for rumpus and entertainment rooms, a home study, walk in pantries and much more.

Freedom Series view all freedom series

Freedom Series The latest in modern home design the Freedom Series can be modified to suit any block size and is great for families who want space, with all the amenities!
Glenbrook Freedom Series
Jucaro Freedom Series
Harrington Freedom Series

Gable Series view all gable series

Gable Series Starting at one bedroom and going all the way up to five, the Gable Series is a fully customisable design solution, which you can match to your tastes and budget.

New Designs view all new designs series

New Series All our latest designs show what is trending and popular on the market today. Browse through our limited edition designs to inspire your next home.
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NorthBridge 20
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Can’t Find What You Want?

Complete Flexibility Means We Can Design Plans From Scratch.

Building a home is a completly personal journey. At Kitome we want to ensure the plans you
get meet all your household needs. If you cannot find the plan of your dreams why not get in
contact to organise a free consultation with one of our home experts.

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What Happy Clients Say

After great deliberation of all of the fabulous design’s, I finally settled on Kitome’s Wyndham design.

There were very few issues and any issues that did arise were sorted out quickly by the Kitome staff. My builders were impressed with the quality of the product and the service we were provided. During the fit-out of the internals I did find I wanted to make changes and the Kitome staff and affiliated suppliers took all of my alterations graciously and never made me feel like I was being a pain – although sometimes I think I was doing just that! The Kitome staff also helped me with my custom design Garage/ Carport to match the house. The end result is that I have a lovely home, one that I get a lot of compliments about. Thanks to all the staff at Kitome!

Alexander - Kitome Customer

Our house has exceeded our expectations!

We have decided to do something together for our future, so we are going into business and are moving to Coffs Harbour. We do plan on building it again, so don’t go anywhere – we will have the same again, just different location. We have surely told enough people about Kitome and we hope that a few of them may come your way. Enjoy having a look at the house – show people what their ideas can do.

Many thanks for all your help!

Duncan - Kitome Customer

We needed a custom designed home for our sloping block and extended family!

We needed a home to suit our families needs, including a separate living residence that could adapt to the changing needs of an ederly but independant parent. Kitome gave complete flexibility, welcoming and working with all our ideas. They gave us a firm indication of costs as budget was a key factor for us. The nature of the sloping block created many design challenges but I cannot praise Kitome enough for the effort given to get it to the final stages as there were a number of essential changes made to suit our needs. We have ended up with a home that suits our needs perfectly. We love the indoor/outdoor living spaces and the fact that everyone has an area they can escape to. We would definitely recommend building with Kitome!

Schafer - Kitome Client

We couldn’t find what we wanted anywhere so we designed our own with Kitome!

We were looking for a design that would work well as a guest house as well as fitting in well with the historic surroundings  along the Hawkesbury River at Windsor. We looked at lots of home builders before deciding on Kitome. Their Internal Design Service made it easy to design the right house to suit our needs. We are more than happy with the end result and our guests always comment on how well the house functions as an enertaining house with the verandah completely surrounding the house to over 360 degree views combined with the excellent indoor to outdoor entertaning kitchen and dining areas. Everything was easy with Kitome. Once the design was finalised, everything turned up on site on time and ready to go. Communication with Kitome was excellent, they were always quick to help with any issues so that construction was never held up .

Saintangelo - Kitome Client

Having designed a house plan to suit our family of five, we set about getting quotes from local builders.

The discovery of what we considered ‘exorbitant’ prices led us to research the possibility of building our own ‘kit home’. Knowing what we wanted our home to look like from the exterior narrowed down the choices considerably. We were searching for an existing plan that we could modify without too much trouble to suit our own design. We came across Kitome’s “Ridgehaven” and contacted their Gold Coast office. After several months and numerous telephone conversations, we had exactly what we wanted – and more, at a price we could afford. I would just like you to know that the time and number of calls related to the fact that (as I’m sure Sue will confirm!) I am a ‘little’ particular and, if it were not for Sue’s incredible patience and understanding of this fact, the outcome could and more than likely would, have been terribly different. The professional and friendly service we received from Sue, Mary-Ellen and Steve was of the highest standard. We employed two builders for a period of 6 weeks to help my husband get the house to ‘lock-up’ stage. Our builder was so impressed with the quality of the kit that he has been to visit with Sue and Steve and is available to anyone in our area wanting to build with Kitome in the future. We would not hesitate for a moment in recommending your services, and in fact, have lost count of the number of people we have already referred to your Gold Coast office!

Evan - Kitome Client

This is actually our second project. Our first was a Hamilton which we built ourselves using basic tools and doing as much of the work ourselves as possible.

We purchased a 2 1/2 acre lot and one week later we found out my wife was pregnant with child number 3 so the pressure was on. Built in six months the Rosedale home was completed just before Christmas and the birth of our third child. Like our previous home I did as much work as I physically could to keep the overall cost down. The saving in building the home was enormous, it made building such a home affordable and within our reach.

Dimech - Kitome Client

Why not a kit home, it couldn’t be that hard to do and we would be in charge of the whole job.

Once the decision was made to do this, ‘Kitome’ was contacted and found to be our best option (plus it just felt right). A time frame was decided, taking into account we would be doing as much of the work as possible to save $$ (between $50-70,000). We started on the house at Easter time 2007 and worked on it every weekend and week night for the next 9 months. We chose the Wentworth home with Santorini block which we are so happy with. We moved into our home on Christmas eve 2007 and are very proud of it, we show it off whenever we can. Don’t dream it, just do it!

Johnston - Kitome Client

Taking inspiration from the surrounding scenery, the owners wanted a home that maximized views of the neighbouring lake, making for a bright and airy home.

A few modifications were made to the original Homestead design to better suit the owners’ needs. To achieve a welcoming atmosphere, the living area was moved to the front of the house so once visitors step through the gabled front entrance they are instantly at home. A crackling wood fire in the lounge room greets guests in the colder months. With a young family, it was also essential that the owners have plenty of room to move. A rumpus room and garage were added to the side of the home providing space for the children to play.

Kavenagh - Kitome Client

“With four children we were after a home with at least five bedrooms and an office.”

Boasting a separate living area, the innovative layout really caters for families with teenagers. While the kit is extremely adaptable to different sizes and styles, the Dillons chose to create a Federation-style home. Set up high on piers, the home presents an appealing facade with its gable ends, awning windows, French doors and colonial architraves. By incorporating fitted stack-sliding doors at the back of the home, the residence opens up onto the wide deck, providing the perfect indoor/outdoor entertainment area and giving a light and airy feel to the spacious home. Cedar French doors on the bottom and top verandahs add to this effect.

Dillon - Kitome Client

We really liked the look and layout of the Trafalgar as it suited the area we wanted to build in.

We live in a rural zone, so we wanted a home that had that comfortable country feel. Our home overlooks a national park at the back and there is a picturesque dam at the front, so naturally we wanted to make the most of the views from the property. We decided to build the house on stilts to better enjoy the panorama, so we maximised our views by adding a wraparound verandah, which measures three metres wide on the entertaining side. What is amazing, given the size of the home, is that it took only four months to build! Because everything is on site, there is no downtime waiting for supplies. We hired two young lads to help us out and the four of us just went for it. We did everything ourselves except the electrical and plumbing!

Swan - Kitome Client

We purchased the Forrestville Mk2 and added a rumpus room, bedroom and ensuite to the existing plan.

We built the home ourselves, doing as much of the work as possible to keep the overall cost down. The slab, brick work, plumbing and electrics were done by contractors. Building took around six months to complete. The savings in building our home were enormous! We saved anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000. This saving made building such a home affordable and within our reach. When we decided to add a double garage to the end of our house, 2 ½ years later, we once again got in contact to see how we could achieve this. We were told that it could be done and because they had all the details of our house on record it was arranged very quickly. Throughout the entire building process, Kitome staff were on hand to sort out any issues that arose. We could not have asked for better guidance and help during the building process which at times was a bit daunting given the size of the project that we had decided to undertake. We would not hesitate in recommending Kitome to anyone thinking of building their own home

Jelinic - Kitome Client

As long-time admirers of Victorian inspired homes, this style of home was naturally our first choice.

We drew inspiration from the numerous visits to different display homes and a stack of magazines. Once we decided exactly what we wanted we contacted Kitome and they helped tailor a home to suit our individual needs. The result is a timeless home where visitors are greeted by ornate pillars and a lovely, sweeping wraparound verandah. For the most part, the whole process was extremely smooth sailing. Kitome’s highly professional team members were more than happy to help every step of the way!

Berry - Kitome Client

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