The bathroom is a place to enjoy some peace and quiet as you get ready in the morning, as well as a space to retreat to when you return home for some relaxation. If you’re looking to update or completely renovate your bathroom, it’ll be one of the best investments you can make in your home.

Many designers and homeowners have come up with new and clever interior design options for the bathroom as they seek respite from their busy lives. Here are some of the hottest new bathroom trends.


Bathrooms this year are popping with colour. Bright colours such as greens, oranges and dusty teals are used to contrast with muted colours, which help invigorate the space. You’ll also see coloured taps, with black as the dominant colour, followed by copper, brass, white, red, and so on. Pastel-coloured tiles make the space appear tasteful and classy.

Shades of black

Charcoals and darker blacks are becoming more prominent, with black faucets, tubs, tiles and lighting. Black is being used as a bold contrast against the usual white bathroom and its neutral décor, thus keeping it from looking too sterile and common. Black also makes the space sexier and moodier and adds drama.

Wet room

The wet room is becoming the centrepiece of the modern bathroom. You’ll see large freestanding baths made of high-end Lucite acrylic with chic designs, as well as oversized showers and shower heads. You’ll also see floating wall-hung vanities with storage for maximising and creating the illusion of more floor space.

Resort appeal

High-quality materials and fit-outs create an indulgent bathing experience and large backlit cabinet mirrors give the feeling of more space. Glamorous designs are also becoming more commonplace in new bathrooms, with features such as zebra-print bathtubs. For a hotel or resort-style bathroom, go big and bright and be daring and fearless.

Spa-like escapes

More people are creating spa-like bathrooms in order to escape and recharge, which include steam shower rooms, saunas, whirlpool baths and hot tubs. Bathrooms are also becoming larger to incorporate spa-like design features. An at-home spa retreat creates a sensory space and offers a luxurious and sanctuary-like experience, to make you feel like you’re on holidays, every day.

Frameless and curbless showers

Frameless shower enclosures are big right now. Using only chrome brackets for structural integrity, they offer a sleek and minimalist design, as well as longevity, versatility and class. Curbless showers are a big hit too, where flooring runs right into the shower for a continuous, seamless look. You can also have floor drains that run along beneath the glass for a sleek and chic appearance.

Industrial style

Industrial copper-based designs are hot right now, with copper pipes being showcased as one of the main features of new bathroom designs. Copper light fittings, sinks and other accessories make the room pop. Copper baths set in a traditional-like bathroom are also taking centre stage. Also consider concrete, texture and an exposed warehouse look to add visual depth to your bathroom.


Curves and rounded edges are trending as well, with curved walls, sinks, mirrors, cabinets, bathtubs and shower enclosures. Round freestanding pedestal basins and curved cabinets are not only beautiful, they also save on space. Having all your bathware products curved or rounded will help create a sense of balance and continuity within the bathroom.

Matte or patterned tiles

For a bathroom with style and character, greige or neutral matte tiles are being incorporated into the design. You can use them for the floor or the shower walls. Patterned tiles are also in, especially bold and bright mosaic patterns. They work well with claw foot bathtubs, stainless pedestal sinks and backlit mirrors.

Natural materials

Natural materials are huge this year, such as wood, stone, slate, marble and onyx, as well as natural seaside accessories like rocks, shells and driftwood. Natural materials are timeless. You’ll see wooden cabinets and flooring, driftwood mirrors, ceiling beams, stone troughs, Venetian marble wall prints and large colourful slabs of marble and onyx.


In addition to building medicine cabinets and bathtub shelves for storing items, ledges are also being integrated into bathroom designs for keeping useful items at hand, such as in the shower and behind vanities and freestanding bathtubs. They’re simple and modern and look great when wrapped with tile or natural stone.

Twin rail showers

Twin rail showers have also risen in popularity, particularly for homeowners with demanding lifestyles. A twin rail shower unit has an overhead drencher and a rail shower with fully customisable height adjustments. Not only do they offer flexibility for busy households, but they also offer the best showering experience.

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