Totally Unique Homes

When you build your own home, you want it to be unique, to have your own personal stamp on its design that says who you are and how you like to live.

To achieve this in a cost-effective manner, you could build a kit home. With a practically infinite number of design options, kit homes are the perfect way to express your individuality.

Or you could do what these pioneering souls have done … gone to extremes to show the world their uniqueness.

In 1948, The Shoe House was built by Colonel Mahlon Haines, the self proclaimed ‘Shoe Wizard’ who owned forty shoe stores in Pennsylvania and Maryland USA.

Built largely as an advertising gimmick, the Shoe House is a giant replica of a boot, quite liveable, if a little on the cramped side. It is 25 feet high and 48 feet long and features 5 levels, stained glass windows, a staircase, plumbing, a shoetop observation platform and even servants accommodation.

On the other side of the world in South Korea, Haewoojae is a lavatory-shaped house south of Seoul, which features a show bathroom and four deluxe toilets. It is made of steel, white concrete and glass and has a symbolic hole in the roof.

Constructed by the World Toilet Association, Haewoojae is Korean for ‘a sanctuary where one can satisfy one’s worries’.

In Mexico City, the Nautilus House is shaped like a giant sea shell. Constructed from earthquake-proof, maintenance-free ferrocement, it features open-plan living, cool, smooth surfaces, spiral stairs and  indoor gardens.

Back in Tennessee, the Signal Mountain Space Ship House looks like something the Robinson family would feel right at home in. A round vacation rental on cement legs, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a full kitchen, the Space Ship House has retro fittings, a round bed, celestial murals and parking underneath.

Nearby in Mississippi, the 727 House is exactly that … a Boeing 727, which the owner purchased and renovated for just $30,000. It features remote-controlled boarding stairs and a cockpit jacuzzi.

Or what about the Upside Down House in Poland. This bizarre house is completely upside down in every feature and was constructed by a Polish businessman as a statement about the chaotic nature of the Communist era.

It took 114 days to construct, because the builders were so disoriented by the strange angles of its walls; a factor which reportedly causes mild dizziness in many of the tourists who flock to see it today.

If you want something different in your new home, but don’t want to go to these kinds of extremes, a kit home could be just what you’re looking for.

The design options are virtually unlimited in today’s kit homes. Victoria and most other states have manufacturers who specialise in giving you exactly the kind of home you want.

Whatever features you desire, from an indoor garden to a rooftop observatory, you can have them in a kit home and at a substantially lower cost than a traditional build.

So if you aren’t prepared to settle for a box in the burbs, then dare to be different. Take that ‘alternative’ design and turn it into a reality; a totally unique home that reflects the individual you are.