Top 10 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you are starting to think about moving and want to up the value of your home, there are some simple ways to do it. The following are a few easy options.


Painting your home is a sure way to dramatically increase the value of your home, whether you paint the inside, outside or both. Providing you get it painted properly and pick even half decent colours, you can have your home looking like an entirely different place.

Build a garden

Lots of people love to garden, and with the prices of fresh fruit and vegetables going through the roof, garden ownership will only become more in demand in coming years. A well-built and well-maintained garden adds light and colour to the whole property, making your place a far more desirable and, therefore, valuable location.

Make it greener

More people care about the environment these days, so if you want your house to pull in the big dollars, you’ll be helping your cause with some green upgrades. Having solar power, a grey water system, rainwater tank and so on can all add a significant amount of value to your home.

Install an alarm system

People are becoming more security conscious these days, so having a good alarm system will be a huge selling feature. Having a feeling of security about your home is a big deal, and most people are more than happy to pay a little more if it means they’ll be feeling safer.

Get a pool

It doesn’t have to be a very big pool, but having any sort of pool at your place will add significantly to its value. Smaller, nicer pools will add the most value, as generally people only need a small-sized pool and don’t want the hassle of maintaining a large one.

Add a granny flat

This is one of the surest ways of adding a lot to the value of your home, and can be as easy as picking up a kit home. Kit homes are quite inexpensive and having a second self-contained unit on your property will allow you to possibly bring in a rental income too.

Get an automatic garage door opener

If your home is beautiful and has everything, the only thing left to add is a more convenient way to get into it. Automatic garage doors are very handy when it’s pouring with rain or otherwise unpleasant out, and this feature is obviously worth paying a little extra for.


The landscaping around your property can mean tens of thousands of dollars difference in its market value, so whether you put in a fishpond or a fountain, it is well worth it to do something with your outdoor space. It often doesn’t take much to have your place stand out, so put some effort into the landscape and its value will be on the up.


Nothing can make a place look amazing quite like having the right lighting. Both inside and out, lighting is crucial to how your home looks, feels and, of course, its value. Lighting in the driveway, the garden, along walkways, around the pool and so forth can make your home an extra special place — and hence well worth paying top dollar for.


Having a garage is a big asset as it serves as an additional storage space for not only your car, but for anything you need to store out of the weather. The more storage space a place has, the higher its market value.