Top 10 Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends seem to change every 10 or 15 minutes, but there are some trends that look set to dominate interior design throughout 2012. Whether you own your own condo or are about to move into a kit home, this year’s trends make it easier than ever to stay hip, and even allow a bit of room for you to show a little of your own style and flair. To make sure your place isn’t looking outdated, mix a little of one or more of the following styles into your home’s design, and your place will be looking better than ever.


Rougher, more textured finishes will be a centrepiece of 2012 interior design, with more wild looking surfaces starting to be seen in fashionable homes from Melbourne to New York.


Brighter hues and materials are back in fashion this year, as designers finally move away from the dark undertones of the past few years. Expect to see lots of brighter, sunnier fixtures throughout the design world this year.


Everything from tangerine to mandarin are turning up all over the place in 2012, with even a hint of citrus undertone enough to make a couch or leather armchair hip.

High tech

Having the latest in gadgets and gizmos is a big deal for the modern homeowner, with 2012 interior design reflecting the desire to have time efficient and up-to-date technology.


As people’s homes have continued to shrink in size, multi-purpose items have become an increasingly popular trend; most people have little choice but to go multi-purpose as they don’t have space to do anything else.


Being creative with mirrors seems to be a 2012 trend on the rise, with mirrors appearing in places that you normally wouldn’t expect. Ceiling mirrors look set to thrive, while using tiny mirrors is also fast becoming a way to add light and depth to a room.


Expect to see lots of gold again this year in interior design, for the most part paired with opulent materials and luxurious fabrics like leather and plush carpet.


That’s right, lace is back this year and will be appearing all over the insides of trendy homes, from curtains and drapes, to tablecloths and pillow cases. You’ll be out of the loop this year unless you are flashing at least a little lace.


Fox prints, sculptures, statues, paintings, and anything else foxy that you can get your hands on will have your home among the hippest this year. The best thing about this trend is that there are endless amounts of foxy items you can utilise, allowing you to inject a bit of your own style as well.

Outdoor living

Paradoxically, interior design trends will continue to creep outside of the home in 2012, with a big emphasis continuing to be put on relaxing and entertaining at home, outdoors.

There are no hard and fast rules around having the inside of your place look awesome, though it does help to follow the lead of people who design custom homes and interiors for a living, and see if there is some way to adapt a modern trend to your humble old place.