Size Matters; What Size Kit Home is Right for Your Family?

Kit homes can provide the perfect accommodation solution for a huge variety of families and situations, and one of the hardest decisions is deciding how big a kit home you and your family are going to need. One of the best things about kit homes is that they are easy to add on to later if the need arises, but if you want to be able to have your family move in and start thriving straight away, think carefully when choosing your kit home size. The following is a look at some of the big considerations when deciding on what size kit home is right for your family.

Are you growing?

To find the right-size kit home for your family, it is important to consider not just what your family needs in terms of space now, but also what your needs may be going forward into the future. If you have growing kids, they are going to need more space as they get older, so plan for this when calculating the amount of room you might need. Also, if you have just gotten married and are planning on starting your own family sometime soon, keep in mind the amount of extra space this may require.

Providing support

If you anticipate having friends or family members needing to stay at your place every once in a while, it is a good idea to ensure there will be more than enough space. Being able to look after your elderly parents or offer a place to stay to a friend who is going through a hard time can also make a huge difference, so if you can see a need for some extra supportive capabilities, add a little to the size of your kit home plan. You never know when you’ll need to have an extra bed, so if you can, plan for at least one extra.

The office

Working from home can be a fantastic situation, but it usually only ever works if you are able to establish a dedicated ‘work area’. If you work from home and are trying to decide how much space you will need in your family’s new kit home, include enough space to fit in an office. By working from home, you should be able to claim at least a portion of the costs of the space on tax as being work-related, so make sure you are providing more than enough space to take care of all aspects of your home and business.

Nice and small

A lot of people find that once their kids have all moved out of home, they are left living in a house that is simply far too large for them. Downsizing from a huge house to a smaller kit home can mean you are able to live in a place that suits your needs much better. The money you are able to make from selling off your larger place can often prove to be enough to pay for the kit home, as well as help fund your retirement.