What Size Kit Home Do You Need?

Kit homes can be the perfect option for first homebuyers. They can help to bring in some rental income, house your small business, or even just put up the occasional guest who has had a few too many to drive home. The following is a brief look at some ideas in terms of the right size kit home for particular uses.

To live in…

If the kit home is for you to be able to live in, the size that you will need will depend greatly on how many people are going to be living there with you, and also if there is any chance more people may be coming in the future. If you have kids, factor in the extra space that they are sure to need as they grow and want more privacy, conversely, if you have a child that is likely  to move out soon, don’t allow too much extra space for them.

To rent

The most important thing to remember when it comes to renting your property is to make your property as appealing as possible in order to attract a quality tenant that is willing to pay premium rent. There are many families looking for larger rentals so be sure not to go too small. There is no shortage or low quality and cramped rental suites on the market, so without going overboard, make your kit home rental big enough to actually offer a bit of room, so people can spread out and actually live in it. If you get it right you will have a steady source of rental income for many years to come

For guests

Kit homes that are being built as a guest accomodation don’t need to be terribly big at all. Usually the only people staying there will only be there for a day or two at a time. A modest granny flat or studio in the backyard can make for a fantastic place to comfortably house guests or family members who are in town for a day or the weekend.

As an office

Some people have studios or granny flats built as a place to run their home business, creating a dream setup of only having to walk metres to get to the office each morning. If your kit home is going to be your office, the right size depends on the needs of you and your business, though likely you can get away with it being quite small. Be sure to allow yourself enough space for office storage, as you may as well keep everything to do with your business and its records all in the one place out here.

Choosing the right size kit home shouldn’t be too nerve-wracking a decision, as if it is too small you could often easily add onto it. Just do your best to guess what your storage and housing needs may be. It will be fantastic once it is built and ready to function just the way you had hoped it would.