If you are looking for a new place to live there are a lot of different ways that you can go about finding it, with one increasingly popular approach being to buy an older place, knock it down and build a new home in its place. The following looks at the pros and cons of taking the knock-down rebuild approach.


Make Your Home Exactly the Way You Want

One of the biggest advantages of a knock-down rebuild is that you can have your new home built exactly the way you want, rather than having to settle for a place that is in the location you want but isn’t  exactly the style of home you are looking for. So whether you are dreaming of a grand mansion or a holiday home by the beach, if you are having trouble finding that ideal home, the knock-down rebuild route may be just what you need.

Save Time

Some old places are so run down that it would take years to get them back to the point where you could comfortably live in there, which in some cases makes it a smarter move to simply knock them down and start all over again. So if you have found a great location with an old house that needs more work than you are willing to put into it, knocking it down and rebuilding will mean you can be enjoying a fantastic new place sooner rather than later.


The building standards of homes built in generations past were much different from those of today, with many older homes having used materials and products that are now known to be extremely unsafe. So if the area you want to live in only has older homes for sale, buying an old place to knock down and rebuild may be your best option as far as health and safety goes.

Save Money

While the idea for fixing up an old place can have a certain romantic appeal to it, it can also be an extremely expensive process, so if you don’t have endless amounts of money to pour into your new home it can be less expensive to simply knock down and rebuild. With homes these days offering such tremendous value for money, you can save a small fortune by taking the knock-down rebuild route, and if you are on a relatively tight budget you can have that place you are dreaming of for a lot less money than you would believe.


You Lose That Old Charm

The biggest drawback of taking the knock-down rebuild approach is that you lose that charm that only older places have, because while modern homes can be better in a lot of ways, they can rarely compete with that old style charm.

However you choose to go about finding your new place, make sure that you are carefully weighing up all the options, because whether you knock down an old place and rebuild or renovate an existing home, finding the ideal place may mean you never have to move house again.

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