Personalise Your Kit Home and Make It Your Dream Home

Think all kit homes look the same? Think again. Kit home manufacturers now offer so many options, almost anything is possible.

Whether you choose from a plan or create your own design, there are a number of ways you can personalise every feature of your kit home to suit your personality and your lifestyle.

The place to start is to look at the features that go into making your kit home and then choose accordingly:

  • Walls. You can add or remove walls according to the living spaces you require (more or less bedrooms, more open-plan areas etc). The addition or subtraction of a wall can completely change the character of a living space, so really think about the walls you want in your new kit home.
  • Ceilings. The height of ceilings can be important if you’re tall. Lower ceilings can help with heating. A vaulted ceiling can make an impressive feature room. A skylight can flood a dark room with natural light. Ceilings are an important consideration in your kit home design, so look up before you decide.
  • Exteriors. The roof of your kit home can be made from a variety of materials, each with its own visual and practical considerations. Do you want gables, an attic, a chimney? What are the outside walls to be made from (weatherboard, western red cedar, brick veneer, vinyl cladding)? Do you want a verandah, patio or outdoor entertaining area? What about the garden and landscaping? What kind of decking (hardwood or pine)? Think of your kit home in its chosen setting and how you want it to look from every aspect and angle.
  • Floors. There are plenty of choices in flooring. Is it a tropical climate, requiring hardwood or tile floors? Perhaps carpets aren’t an option because of pets or young children? Make sure you think about the kind of floors you want because you’ll be walking hundreds of miles on them in the years to come.
  • Doors and windows. Do you prefer a rustic look, perhaps with a stained glass feature? Would you rather have an imposing entrance? Security screens perhaps, or sliding glass doors for views and outdoor entertaining? Prefer double glazing for noise? How much light do you want the windows to let in? How much privacy should they afford? Doors and windows are the eyes of your home and should be chosen carefully to maximise their benefits.
  • Bedrooms. How many and how large. Is it just you and your partner, or do you have a large family? Do you require guest rooms for visitors? Have you always wanted an ensuite? Do you need a walk in robe or fitted robes? You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so make sure it’s everything you want it to be.
  • Bathrooms. How many and what size? What are your current and future needs? Shower or bath or both? Upstairs or downstairs? Rustic or ultra modern? The bathroom provides lots of opportunities to express your individuality, so don’t hold back.
  • Kitchen. Do you plan to do a lot of cooking? Do you eat in the kitchen or prefer a separate dining area? Do you prefer lots of bench space? Gas or electric stove? What kind of appliances? Depending on whether it is the focal point of the house, or just somewhere to rustle up a quick meal, your kitchen should reflect your lifestyle and your personality.

Today’s kit homes offer such a huge variety of options, that it can be exciting and even a little daunting.

It’s important to bear in mind that taste is a personal thing, so if you think you might be reselling, make sure your decisions are not too ‘out there’ that they could put off potential future buyers.

But if your kit home is your dream home and you plan to spend your life enjoying it, then go for it, because the sky really is the limit.