A Guide to Country Kit Homes (Rural Style Living)

Building a country kit home can be an incredible experience. More space, a bigger house and plenty of options when it comes to just how you design your home. Country style kit homes do require you to consider a number of factors prior to building,

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Take A 3D Walk-Through the Richmond Grove

The Richmond Grove from our Prestige Series of designs is among the biggest of our standard designs with 5 bedrooms, a three car garage, a games room plus much, much more. Use the interactive 3D model below to explore one of Kitome’s customi

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100 Interior Design and Architecture Blogs

So you’ve bought a new house. Or maybe you’re considering one? Or maybe you’re just someone with a penchant for design, architecture, style, and furniture - or maybe not, maybe you’re completely clueless about the whole thing and need an intr

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A Comprehensive Bushfire Safety Resource for Your Kit Home

kitome - Bushfire Safety Resource

With very dry weather conditions this year, there’s a high chance of a bushfire occurring in rural areas. Are you ready for a bushfire? You may be preparing to have fun this coming summer, but it’s also important to prepare yourself, your

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A Guide to Customising Your Home

A dream kit home is more than what you can see on the floor plan. The perfect home is one that caters to your needs and lifestyle. After all, it’s the special features that transform a house into a real home.

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Turning Your House Into a Dream Home?

kitome - What Inclusions Will Turn Your House Into a Dream Home

Building your first home is fun, but somewhere in all the excitement it could be easy to overlook things. Forgetting something isn't necessarily a disaster, but taking the proper time to plan everything well will help you avoid any potential disapp

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Why the Orientation of Your Kit Home is Important

Kitome - Why the Orientation of Your Kit Home is Important

Building your first home is an incredibly exciting project, but it's important to make sure you don't get too excited and rush past some of the logical steps in planning. If you're hiring professional builders to help you, it will simply be a matte

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7 Ways To Make Your Kit Home Pet Friendly

Kitome - 7 Ways To Make Your Kit Home Pet Friendly

Planning your new kit home and want to make it as pet friendly as possible? Our furry friends are part of the family, so here’s 7 top ideas for making your kit home as comfortable as possible for your best friend. 1. Start at your pet’s eye lev

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10 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Land

Owning your own block of land is the great Australian dream, but finding the perfect spot comes with many considerations. While navigating these waters may seem intimidating, having the guidance of a professional will give you peace of mind. We'v

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How To Decide On A Floor Plan Layout

When you’re building a home from scratch, the floor plan will determine how you best use the space. It’s an element of the home that is very personal to each familial situation. Just as budget and space are key considerations when purchasing

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