Neutral vs Bright Colours for Your Bathroom Decor

shutterstock_115941301-300x259Colour has its place in the home and can give great insight into the kind of person who lives there and what their life represents. Colour can also help influence a person’s mood, as a red wall may get the blood flowing and increase the heart rate while a green room can instantly soothe you. But does colour have a place in the bathroom?

According to many experts, no it doesn’t.

Bold colours tend to advance upon a room, drawing it in to feel closed and small. When you are trying to wash away your stresses and relax, you want the space to feel as open as possible. This is not the only reason, however. Other benefits of neutral colours in a bathroom include:

A style that won’t date – Soft, neutral tones never become outdated, meaning your bathroom will forever be in style. Bold colours, however, go in and out of style quite quickly, forcing you to stay on top of the latest trends.

A relaxing vibe – Soft colours can have a meditative effect on a person and can leave you feeling soothed and relaxed. A soft green wall against cool white wainscoting looks fresh and inviting, and add to that a bunch of white daisies and you’ll never want to leave the relaxing environment.

Resale – As you most likely already know, neutral colours help sell homes. Neutral colours are easy to work with and can accommodate any style and furnishings. A potential buyer can simply slip in their belongings and straight away feel at home. You may not be thinking about selling for the moment, but eventually, neutral colours pay off.

A spa-like quality – Varying tones of white, ivory and ecru visually make a bathroom feel expansive and elegant. With lots of natural light, a white bathroom is a perfect place to start the morning and will leave you ready to fight the day.

Having expressed these benefits, there is a time and place for splashes of colour. Bold colours can be added through decorative accents and if your bathroom is to be used by young kids, colour can make bath time a whole lot more fun. A duck themed blue bathroom, for example, adds a playful element that lends an oceanic, whimsical feel. The trick when using colour is to paint additional bathroom features while the paint can is still open. A cast-iron bathtub can be sanded down and painted, or a set of kids steps can tie the colour in.

If it’s warmth you after, a rich peach can be very comforting. Add to that a bunch of red dahlias, contrasting greenery and some candles, and your bathroom will be a heavenly haven on cooler nights.

Wallpaper can also bring a wow factor, as long as everything else in the bathroom is kept simple and classic.

For glamour, a deep blue wall against crisp white wainscot looks fabulous when everything else in the room is kept white. Add a chandelier and the light reflects off the blue perfectly.

Choosing between neutral and colour really comes down to personal taste and what is right for your home. If you want a decor that is timeless, neutral is the way to go and it offers the added benefit of an expansive feel. If it’s personality you are after, however, a touch of colour isn’t always a bad thing.