While most of us think of walls as room dividers that create boundaries and provide shelter, some interior designers are looking at walls not only for their function, but also as an opportunity to incorporate outside elements as features in interior design.

According to interior designer Debbie Ryan, founding partner of Melbourne-based McBride Charles Ryan, the trend of featuring a back to nature design for interior walls can include wood panelling, reflective tiles, and bold greens and blues.

Ryan’s design themes include photographic images transposed onto wallpaper.  She believes that these work well in large spaces to create unique visuals, giving an impression of the forest wall images that were popular in the 1970s.

Ryan was commissioned to design interiors at The Quay apartments in Melbourne’s Docklands. Her feel for nature and Melbourne’s colder climate influenced her lounge design, where she recreated an impression of a tree canopy using warm autumn colours. The cold climate of Melbourne inspired her choice of reds in the design.


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