How Long Will My Home Construction Take?

Having a new home built can be really exciting, but it can also seem to take forever, so rather than just hope it goes quickly, educate yourself a little better on the overall process. The better you understand how various elements will affect the timeline of your home construction, the easier it will be to have a good idea of how long it is all going to take. The following guide will give you a rough idea of how long it may take to have your new home constructed.

How big is it?

Obviously, the larger your house is going to be, the longer it will take to have it constructed, so if you are in a hurry to have your home built keep this in mind when you are planning it out, because a kit home may be the best solution for you.

Who is building it?

If you are building your home yourself, the speed at which your new home gets built will depend a lot on how skilled and talented you are. On the other hand, if you are having professionals build your home for you, they should be able to give you a fairly accurate idea of how long it is going to take.

What type of home is it?

If you are having an extremely fancy custom home built you can expect it to take a fair amount of time to be completed, however if it is a relatively simple kit home that you are having constructed, you can expect to be living in there a whole lot faster.

When is it being built?

If you are having your home built when the weather is good you will be able to get a far more accurate idea of how long it is going to take, because you shouldn’t have to worry about losing too much time due to poor weather. However, if your home is being constructed in the winter, expect a few delays here and there due to winter weather disruptions.

Do you want to help?

A smart way to help your home get built a little quicker is to lend a hand yourself by helping out with some of those grunt tasks along the way. You may not have the skills or training to do any of the actual building, but there is plenty of unskilled labour required to build a home, and by volunteering your labour you will help move things along that much quicker.

Are you adding many features?

The more extra features you want to add to your home, the longer it will take to have it built, so if you want landscaping, extra security, motion sensor lighting and so on, expect to have to pay a little more and wait a little longer to have your home completed.

Having a home constructed is a huge undertaking, so even though you might be really excited to move in, try to be patient and allow time for it to be built properly. It will all be worth it when you finally get to move-in day and can start enjoying living in your new home.