So you are looking to build your next home and are thinking about a kit home. But what exactly is a kit home and how does the whole process work? Here we’ve listed some of the important ins and outs of kit homes every person building their own kit home should know about.

What is a kit home?

In a nutshell, a kit home is exactly the same as any other on-site build. The frames and trusses along with the materials needed to complete your home are delivered to your site where it is assembled from the ground up. The advantages of a kit home, and Kitome in particular is in the flexibility that you get with design and savings that can be made by owner building or owner managing the build. Kitome offer architectural quality without the hefty pricetag.

Advantages of building a kit home

Kit homes are extremely cost-effective. They are much cheaper to buy and to build.

As an owner builder you can even put the house together yourself which will save you even more money. Of course, you don’t have to erect the home yourself, but this is an option.

Kit homes are flexible in design. You can customise your kit home so you can have the house you’ve always wanted.

Before building

When building any home on a chosen block of land there are a number of things to consider. These are things like:

  • Getting a survey of the land to locate any easements
  • Have soil testing done which will determine the type of foundations that are required
  • All building permits must be obtained before work can commence on the site

Being organised

One of the key things to getting your kit home up and in a livable state in as short a time as possible is to secure the appropriate individuals to help you get the job done. Make sure you contact an electrician, plumber and other contractors before you begin the project so you can secure their time in advance.

Choosing your inclusions

There are so many different kit homes to choose from and of course some companies offer you customisable solutions. What you want to make sure before making a purchase is that all of the things that you wanted included, are included. While some kit homes will come with doors and floor coverings, others wont. You need to know what you are getting so you can budget for additional spendings where required.

Other fees and charges will be incurred for:

  • Delivery of the kit home
  • Council fees
  • Site works

Make sure you put money aside for all of the smaller extras as they can add up.

Whether you’ve just started looking at some of the best kit homes Victoria has to offer or you’re still deciding on whether or not to build a kit home, I hope we’ve given you some useful insight as to why many people are now opting for kit homes for their next property. Not only is it a great affordable housing option, but it also means you don’t have to skimp on the important elements of your new house. So you can create the home you’ve always dreamed of without the overblown price tag.

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