Kit Home Truths: Debunking Myths About Kit Homes


Kit homes have come a long way. An increase in their popularity has resulted in developments on many fronts. Yet still, there seem to be many myths surrounding them. We’ve decided to separate fact from fiction by taking a look at some of the common misconceptions about kit homes.

They’re dirt cheap

While kit homes can seem to be a relatively inexpensive alternative for building a home, advancement in design and building options means that there is a spectrum of pricing like most other products on the market. From the inexpensive to the luxury end, kit homes provide the owner with significant choices and the opportunity to tailor a housing solutions that are right for them. With regard to environmental friendliness, some kit home designs are leading the way in the areas of energy efficiency, insulation, natural lighting and ventilation.

For any owner-builder, hiring a contractor to build the home might be the best way to save money, as often trying to do it yourself can result in difficulty following specifications or creating the correct design, which can incur extra money to fix.

They won’t last

Not true. Kit homes need to meet housing standards too. Council regulations dictate what can be built in your area and the construction and housing standards need to be met. With popularity on the increase, the quality of kit homes has dramatically improved and they are designed for extreme weather conditions – water, wind and fire.

They all look the same

No they don’t! You are looking in the wrong direction if you think this. Think of a new subdivision where a housing estate is being built – now these houses all look the same. Kit homes are customised to accommodate your needs. The range of choice in style and design has changed dramatically with the increased demand of kit homes, such that you will not be able to tell a kit home from any other home next door. An owner can make a design work to fit on their specific block and tailor to their family needs.

They can’t be customised

Actually, design plans for kit homes can be adapted to meet your needs. Create your perfect floor plan, add skylights, fireplaces, and decks, change the ceiling height, choose from cladding types – when it comes to customising, the sky’s the limit. At Kitome, we have a fully computerised drawing and designing programme, so we can supply homes of any style, shape and size.

It’s difficult to finance a kit home

This is definitely not true. Banks are happy to finance a kit home the same as any other home and the land too. Of course you will need to qualify for the loan and meet the bank requirements for repayments. This is no different to applying for any other loan.

Kit homes won’t get insured

Again, this is not true. Most insurance companies are happy to insure your home. You simply need to ask them about their policy and apply. Like any other insurance, shop around until you get the insurance that is right for you.