How to Build a House Around a Specialty Room

A strong attachment to the place you live in can do wonders for your wellbeing. Linked to happiness and life satisfaction, your home can influence your mood, impact your behaviour and motivation to act, facilitate interactions, reduce stress, and affect your relationships. For this reason, it makes sense to build your own home.

Building your own home puts you in charge of your happiness and life satisfaction. It ensures your home meets your standards and expectations so that the environment you find yourself in everyday is a positive and nurturing one.

It also gives you a respite from the outside world. It provides you with a place to feel safe and comfortable and when you build it to be a reflection of the inner world you want to create for yourself you will find yourself at absolute peace.

How do you build for your inner self, you ask? You incorporate a specialty room and then build your home around that…

What is a specialty room?

A specialty room is one of the many fantastic perks that come from building your own home. It could be a specially designed pilates studio, a meditation space, a yoga retreat, a home theatre room, a home office, a dark room for your photography, a home gym, a luxury spa, an artist studio, a pet grooming room, a recording studio, a billiards bar or an indoor bowling alley. More than just a room for which you can embark on your hobby, a specialty room is designed with the specific purpose to enhance your life.

What sort of specialty room should you have?

The question you need to ask yourself when choosing a specialty room to build your home around is what do you love to do? If you have more than one answer to this question, eliminate any answers that don’t require a designated space or are deemed ‘outside of your budget’. Let’s face it – can you really build your home around a golf course because you love to hit a few balls down a fairway now and again?

If your answers are all considered “high budget” – think tennis courts, squash courts and golf courses – consider how you can introduce elements of your loves into your specialty space. Perhaps you could have an easy access cupboard for all your sports equipment or a trophy display cabinet in your room?

Where should your specialty room be?

The location of your specialty room will depend on the type of room you’re envisioning. You’ll agree that it wouldn’t make sense to build a wine cellar next to the master suite or a mediation room in between the kid’s bedrooms!

The idea is that you get to indulge in your passion from the comfort of your home, incorporating both form and function. Location is everything when it comes to your specialty room because if it doesn’t flow with your natural lifestyle, you won’t be encouraged to use it.

Discuss with Kitome what kind of specialty room you’re wanting to incorporate and we’ll find the location that makes the most sense. Here to help you navigate the process of a custom build, we’ll work closely with you to design a home that’s stress free, hassle free and all about greater wellbeing. We’ve been doing this for over 22 years and we’re great at what we do!

What should be in your specialty room?

What goes into your specialty room and how it’s decorated will again come down to the type of specialty room you choose to have. There are, however, commonalities to aim for no matter what kind of space you’re after.

1. An effective “work triangle”

In the planning phases, identify the three most important areas of the room. In a woodworking space, for example, this could be a table saw, radial arm saw and a workbench. Keep these workstations in close proximity to each other to maximise efficiency and pleasure.

2. Fresh air and ventilation

Fresh air and ventilation is important to maintain comfort, health and indoor air quality in your specialty space. Without proper ventilation, air in the space becomes stagnant and moisture levels can rise, leading to mold and other issues. Control the airflow in the space for maximum comfort.

3. Feng shui principles

Feng shui, or good energy flow, can be easily applied to your space. In feng shui, your house is viewed as a whole being in which one part is intricately connected to the other. To check the flow of chi, close your eyes and imagine a deluge of water coming in from your front door. Will the water easily reach your specialty room? Is there anything stopping your specialty room from getting wet?

4. Lighting

Placement and type of lighting is important for your specialty space. The lighting changes the mood of the room and is an important aspect of interior design. Work in conjunction with purpose, colour selections, room size, availability of natural light and furniture selection. These elements will come together to create a seamless combination of functionality and style.

Customising your kit home

If you’ve chosen to work with Kitome to build your brand new kit home you can take advantage of the many benefits that come with a kit home build. Each of our kit home designs comes with 100% flexibility, allowing you to easily modify any of our existing designs to finish up with a home you love.

The versatility of a kit home is that almost anything is possible. Your new home is only limited by your imagination and budget. You can change the roofing, the ceiling height, the entryway, the breakfast bar – anything that will make you feel happier and more comfortable in your new home.

If you have a vision, let our design team help. We’ll work closely with you every step of the way and share our expertise, give great advice, and ensure that your vision is carried out in the best way possible at the best price possible.

Arrange for your free consultation and talk to us about your project scope. If we know exactly what you’re after we can provide you with an accurate quote and concept plan for your new dream home. Why wait any longer? It’s important to feel comfortable and happy in your newly built home and the best way to achieve these feelings is by designing the home yourself!

Contact the friendly team at Kitome today.