Feel Inspired With 15 of the Best Home DIY Blogs

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The online DIY community is strong and plentiful, meaning there is an endless supply of DIY tips, tricks and ideas for inspiration. When it comes to interior design, gardening and home solutions, picture sharing sites like Pinterest are great for encouraging a creative flow. If you want a more detailed look at some great DIY projects, however, try some of these incredible DIY blogs to help you produce ingenious designs.

Vintage Revivals

Vintage design is pretty big news these days and no one does it better than Mandi Gabler from Vintage Revivals. Mandi’s ‘no-project-is-too-big attitude’ means she is forever keeping her readers on their toes and eager to see what she she comes up with next. It’s fearless DIY for those looking for a home adventure.

Young House Love

This husband and wife duo are passionate about DIY but admit they don’t always get it right. Knowing their projects sometimes go wrong is refreshing and will make you feel better about your own mistakes. When they do get it right, however, the results are incredible.

The Design Confidential

Rayan Turner has an incredible eye for detail and is continually pushing the limits to discover what can be done by yourself and what is better left to the professionals. Never afraid to try anything, she will tackle everything from the living room and bedroom to the great outdoors and is not shy about mixing old with the new.

Manhattan Nest

Daniel Kanter has been blogging about his DIY projects since 2011 but it wasn’t until he and his partner bought a rickety old house in Kingston, New York that his true potential came to fruition. Having opened their doors to their new home, the ride of watching them renovate is exciting and invigorating.


If DIYing on a strict budget sounds like you, you will love Justin and Cassity, the power couple who will rip down a wall in the blink of an eye. Always thinking outside of the box, Remodelaholic will keep the design ideas coming and help you to stick to your budget.


Dana will happily admit that creating a spectacular home takes time and effort, two things she is willing to give. Having bought a dilapidated 1950s ranch she calls “The Underdog”, Dana has set her sights on turning it into a dream home. Her creations so far certainly have it well on its way.


Jen believes that with a little bit of elbow grease and a lot of heart, every house can be transformed into a home that tells your story. Jen teaches you to decorate to suit your tastes and style so that your home speaks volumes about its inhabitants. Her mantra is ‘Create a house with soul. Build a house with spirit. Live in a home with HEART.’

DIY Playbook

Casey and Bridget are great at turning a boring old IKEA desk into a spectacular feature and all on a very friendly budget. Calling themselves rookies, these girls teach you that all it takes to create innovative and memorable design is to give it a go and not hold back.

Cuckoo 4 Design

No job is too big or small for Julia and whether it’s painting a cuckoo clock, creating beautiful Fornasetti plates or making her own christmas decorations, the results are always amazing.

Killer B Designs

Killer B Designs is a place for carpentry, design and DIY and is a colourful approach to decor. Brooke’s designs are new and exciting, bold and refreshing and even better – they are friendly on the wallet. Full of inspiration, you’ll be well on your way to creating a handmade home on a budget.

Made by Girl

Jen Ramos is a graphic designer, blogger, online retailer and natural stylista. If you love feminine decor, then this is the blog for you. Made by Girl is an online shop packed full of pretty things and ideas.

All Things Thrifty

Just like the name of her blog, Brooke Ulrich loves all things thrifty. She believes a home should be full of beautiful things but should not be expensive and Brooke shows you how you can DIY on a budget. She’ll even break down all the costs for you.

4 Men 1 Lady

4 Men 1 Lady is a very popular blog and when you see the huge range of DIY projects Michelle Hinckley has tackled, you’ll soon know why. Michelle shows how even in a house full of boys, a feminine touch can reign supreme.

A Beautiful Mess

Based on the belief that the best things in life are homemade, A Beautiful Mess is packed full of daily inspirations, recipes and DIY projects.

The Makerista

The Makerista is about making anything and everything…except dinner. Gwen believes there is a great deal of satisfaction from making something yourself and she invites you to join her as she creates.