kitome - How To Effectively Use All The Space In Your Home

No matter how much space you have in your home, there are always more effective ways to store things. When it comes to storage, efficiency is key, so you’ll be able to grab things at the drop of a hat.

Whether you have a cozy hideaway or a spacious abode, organising the space you have is crucial to living a clutter-free life. This applies for every room in the house. The best way to start? Think about the rooms you use the most.

The kitchen

Many say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where meals are made and families tend to gravitate towards the area, so it tends to be busy and can get hectic. It’s also a room where you’ll probably accumulate a lot of stuff. No matter if you love to cook and take your time, or if you’re after an organised area where everything is reachable, storage can be a strategic element of your kitchen.

Before you start your organisation spree, look in each cupboard and drawer and assess what is used on a daily basis and what is used far less frequently. If you have overhead space on top of the cabinets, consider storing the less-used items up there. They’ll be out of the way and you’ll be freeing up reachable space for the things you’ll actually use.

There are several other things you can do to create more space.

Create more cabinets

While this isn’t always doable, if you can, create more cabinets. This doesn’t necessarily mean building more. You can find some excellent trolleys or carts that you can buy and put anywhere in the kitchen. These generally come with drawers, shelves or cupboards. If there are shelves, you can pop some baskets on them to organise the area even more. Plus, it gives you more bench space to work on.

Use organisers

Cupboards and drawers can get messy. Often there are so many utensils, pots, pans and cooking items in there that it can hard to find anything. For your drawers, there are plenty of options for organisers, whether it’s a cutlery tray or dividers. These will help categorise your utensils so you can find anything at a moment’s notice.

In cupboards, you can use boxes for your small goods. Or alternatively, pop in some dividers to divide the space more effectively. Boxes are also great in your pantry and your fridge, keeping the condiments and spices you use the most together so you can pull one single box out and have everything you need at your fingertips.

Use wall-space

Maximise the space in your cupboards by using the wall space around the kitchen. Hang your cooking utensils via hooks or magnetic strips on the wall. Or install overhead storage to hang your pots and pans, freeing up the space in the cupboards for the less attractive appliances. Alternatively, if you want everything packed away, remember, the cupboard doors can be a fantastic spot to store things. Use brackets to store lids or even magazine holders for things like cling-wrap, foil and baking paper.

The bathroom

There are loads of things to store in a bathroom including toilet paper, appliances, and spare toiletries and other products. The tough thing is that many bathrooms don’t actually have enough storage.

First things first, assess who uses which bathroom in the house and what it’s mainly used for. If you have a separate space to the kids, great. If not, you can use some open shelving and fun baskets under the sink to separate the products and appliances according to who uses them. There are also suction options for cups, toothbrush holders and towels that you can pop on the mirror or the walls, clearing the vanity top.

If you need even more storage and you have the space, consider purchasing a trolley or drawer tower. Just remember, the floor will get wet so make sure that these options are either waterproof or are raised off the ground on legs.

The living spaces

The living is mostly done in the family room, and this area tends to get the messiest the quickest. It’s amazing how much stuff you actually accumulate over time. What makes it harder is that the family room is the space likely to see the most visitors, so it’s the one you really want to keep tidy.

The best way to organise a space like this is by using storage hacks. Those ottomans you prop your feet on, make them a storage solution. The coffee table you’re thinking of purchasing, find one with drawers or shelving so you can put things away and the surface is clear.

The bedrooms

The best way to maximise space in the bedroom is making sure the cupboards and any chest of drawers are well-organised and used effectively. Use the space at the top of the cupboards for things you don’t use regularly. If you have some fancy china or good glasses, pop them up there. Heels you only wear occasionally? That’s their home. Also, invest in some closet organisers, including shoes, jewellery and accessories, so the space can be kept clean and neat.

It may also be worth considering the space under your bed. In this situation though, it’s best to invest in some plastic tubs so things don’t get dusty.

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