Choosing a Colour Scheme for the Interior of Your Kit Home

Coming up with a colour scheme for your kit home is all important, as the right colour combinations can make a world of difference in terms of how it feels to be there. However, unless you are a rare talent, finding the right colour scheme is far from easy, so make sure you take the time to get it right, and take the task seriously. The following is a brief guide to choosing the colour scheme for the interior of your kit home.

Get inspired

Whether you are down at your local library checking out interior design magazines or online looking through the endless amount of information, images and ideas, you would be silly not to check out what others are doing with colours in their kit homes, as they are sure to spark a few ideas.

Ask an expert

The overwhelming majority of people are not good at picking out colours, so unless you are one of the talented minority, get some help. Poorly chosen colours can make a kit home look ridiculous. Whether you get a painter friend to drop by, or bring in an interior design expert, the right colours will make your kit home look bigger, more inviting and infinitely better overall.

Follow your art

If you have a few main pieces of art that are going to be central to the look of your home, make sure you are choosing a colour scheme that will complement them. You most definitely don’t want your walls or floors to clash with your art, so unless you are willing to get different art, make sure you are going with colours that will help your art stand out.

Keep it consistent

Try and be consistent with your colour scheme throughout your kit home, as this will help it seem like more of a cohesive and unified space. Trying to fit more than one colour scheme throughout your home will make it feel chaotic and disjointed, so instead pick one colour scheme and stick to it. That doesn’t mean everything has to be the same colour — just that you are using the similar colour combinations throughout the entire kit home.

Change it up

Even the best colour scheme will start to look old after a while, so change it up every now and then to refresh the look and feel of the place. Replacing main items of furniture or even just repainting the baseboards, doors and trims, will often do wonders for the look of your home and have it feeling like new.


One of the best ways to create a colour scheme in your kit home is by having the main sections be neutral colours, and for the trim and smaller areas, use brighter colours as accents. This will create a subtle, classy effect and also make it easier to change the colour scheme if you ever get tired of it, as there will be far less needing to be repainted.