Choosing the Right Block of Land

Finding the right block of land suitable for building can be difficult, especially of you’ve never done anything like this before. Here, we’ve created a list of tips to help you make the right decision. Kit homes can look fantastic and can save you money too, but you have to choose the right piece of land to build on. Read on for our all important tips for doing just that:

Work out your budget

So by now you have roughly worked out a budget. Sticking to this budget is so important, to ensure that you have enough money left to actually build your home. You also need to consider more than just the costs associated with buying the block of land. Other things you may have to put money aside for could include things like site costs, stamp duty and other fees that could be associated with the block of land.

Development covenants and guidelines

Many new estates have become very restrictive with their guidelines and covenants. Make sure that before you put in an offer for a block of land that you know the ins and outs of these restrictions. It could mean the difference in the colour and even style and design of your home. Things like balconies, the materials you are allowed to use and other things you may have not previously considered, can all be affected by the covenants.

Block location

This is where you need to consider all things lifestyle related. What infrastructure is already in the area? Where is the nearest school and is it one you’d be happy to send your children to? What sort of shops are located nearby? Is there a shopping centre you can go to for all of your major shopping requirements? What is the public transport like in the area? If you don’t drive, this is a very important point to consider.

Testing and surveys

Before you begin searching for the best kit homes Victoria has to offer to find your ideal house, you need to get some testing done to the property to ensure the block of land is the right one for you. Soil testing is important as it will let you know if the soil has ground movement. The type of soil will heavily influence the type of foundations you home will need as well. The surveys will let you know about the location of any easements on the land which will effect where your home can be built.

Buying a block of land can seem tricky at first. But once you know what you are looking for and what tests need to be done, it’s really quite simple. I hope our list of tips has provided you with some important insight into what you need to look for when purchasing a block of land to build your dream home on.