Challenging Home Site? Build A Kit Home

Not everyone wants to live in the suburbs. Traffic congestion, crime, noise and pollution are all on the increase, making many new home builders yearn for a sea change.

The problem is that when you move outside the city limits, the terrain becomes much more chaotic. The very thing that appeals to us, the untamed nature of the landscape, can mean that some rural and seaside blocks are difficult to access and even harder to build on.

Hard, but not impossible, as these examples show:

Chilean Architect, Alvaro Ramirez built a cabin that is perched on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean far below. Made from local timbers, it would have been a logistical nightmare to transport the materials to the site and a job for builders with a good head for heights, as the decks have no railings and extend out over the abyss below.

On the banks of the river Loddon in the United Kingdom, a water-loving firm of architects built Hind House, a stunning home that is more like a bridge than a house, extending as it does almost all the way across the river.

In the Fafe Mountains of northern Portugal, an engineer, inspired by the natural space between four immense free-standing boulders, decided to build a home right in the centre of them. One can only imagine the problems associated with that. Casa Do Penedo is today a mecca for tourists from around the world.

Closer to home on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, the Pole House is one of Australia’s most iconic holiday getaways. Suspended on a massive pole on the cliffs 120 feet above Fairhaven Beach, it affords spectacular views from every window.

If you want to get away from it all, but don’t want to go to those sorts of architectural extremes, then today’s kit homes offer the perfect solution. They are ideal for blocks with uneven or sloping ground and, because their design options are almost limitless, they can be split level, on poles, on stilts; whatever is required to take best advantage of the terrain.

A kit home also has much less impact on the environment than a conventional build. It sits lightly on the landscape and can even be designed to blend in with the surroundings, making it ideal for ecologically sensitive locations.

Building on a rough or hard to access block is also easier with kit homes. Victoria and most other states have manufacturers who’ll deliver all the pieces in just one or two truckloads. That means everything is there for you onsite and ready to erect, unlike with a traditional build where you are juggling a constant stream of tradesmen and materials.

Famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, once expressed his love of nature by designing and building Fallingwaters, an incredible house perched partly over a waterfall in the Allegheny Mountains in Pennsylvania.

The logistics involved and the problems he must have encountered can only be imagined, but one can’t help thinking if he had built a kit home, it would have cost him a lot less and been a much easier job in the long run.