Enhancing Your Home November 15, 2012

Creating Features Within Kit Homes

A wonderful way to make your kit home even better is by creating a few new features out of some ...

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Enhancing Your Home May 20, 2013

How To Improve Kit Homes

Whether you have just had a cheap kit home built or have been living in your custom kit home for ...

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Enhancing Your Home April 1, 2014

How To Personalise Kit Homes

A home without personal touches can have the personality of a hotel room – although the interior is designed to ...

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Enhancing Your Home November 23, 2017

The Complete Bushfire Safety Resource For Kit Homes

With very dry weather conditions this year, there’s a high chance of a bushfire occurring in rural areas. Are you ...

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Enhancing Your Home September 12, 2019

Heating Options For Small Kit Homes

While every Australian is aware of our hot summers, how we keep our homes warm during the cooler months is ...

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Enhancing Your Home March 14, 2020

Why the kitchen triangle is still a great design strategy

While in the past kitchens tended to be for cooking only, they’re now also hubs for living and family gatherings. ...

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Enhancing Your Home February 3, 2017

The 6 Step Guide to Having an Environmentally Friendly Home

There has been a significant surge in the number of homes in Australia adopting “green” technology and eco-friendly appliances in ...

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Enhancing Your Home September 14, 2015

Bring the Elements of Nature Into Your Home

The importance of nature cannot be underestimated. Apart from the quite obvious point that humans couldn’t exist without it, nature ...

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Enhancing Your Home March 31, 2016

Build a Home That’s Green in 2016

In recent times ‘going green’ has become quite the buzzword, with people looking to be more energy efficient and cut ...

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