Building Tips July 7, 2021

Tips & Tricks To Save Money When Building Your Own Home

Designing and later building a home is an exciting process. For most, it’s even a dream come true. However, all ...

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Building Tips November 17, 2021

Calculating the Cost of Building a Home

Building a house can be an exciting endeavour. However, there is one lingering question, how much is this all going ...

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Building Tips March 30, 2012

Essential Tools For Putting Kit Homes Together

Putting together your own kit home can be an exciting undertaking, especially if it will be your first home. The ...

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Building Tips January 30, 2013

Finding The Best Fittings For Kit Homes

Finding the right fittings for your kit home can make a significant difference to the look, feel and function of ...

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Building Tips August 30, 2019

Recommended Doors For Kit Homes

Building a new home can be exciting, but when it comes to making big decisions (like choosing doors, for example) ...

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Building Tips October 12, 2018

6 Things To Know Before Building in Far North Queensland

Far North Queensland is like nowhere else on Earth. Fringed by reef, enveloped by rainforest, ringed by the red dirt ...

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Building Tips June 1, 2017

Turning Your House Into an Ideal Home?

Building your first home is fun, but somewhere in all the excitement it could be easy to overlook things. Forgetting ...

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Building Tips June 6, 2021

Your Kit Home Build Checklist

Thinking of building a kit home? Kit homes have become an extremely popular housing solution over the past few years, ...

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Building Tips October 31, 2018

5 Factors To Consider Before Building in Australia’s Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands is mix of colourful gardens, leisurely pursuits, diverse landscape, history and heritage. Geographically it sits between 500m ...

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