The winter’s over, and if you’ve been cooped up at home all season you might be ready to not only get some fresh air but to freshen up your home as well. Every now and then, it’s a great idea to breathe new life into your living space. A great way to do that is to draw inspiration from another place, perhaps the place where you were born, or maybe where your ancestors are from. Or maybe you just like the look of decorative items from a particular country or region. Whatever the reason, here are six interior design trends from around the world that will inspire you to renew your living space.

1. Scotland

It might be a cliche, but Scots still love their tartan, and wall-to-wall tartan is not uncommon in Scottish interior design. The colours tend to be deep reds and greens, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. As a nature-loving nation, paintings of scenery and antlers and busts hanging from walls are also quite popular. Along with tartan, you’ll find lots of dark leather and patterned upholstery for furniture and cushions.

2. Morocco

Depending on where you live, you may not have a lot of room in your apartment or house for too much decorative items. In that case, Moroccan interior design might be right for you, as it tends to make the most out of small space. Furniture is cozy and comfortable, Arabeque patterns adorn cushions and accessories while large decorative tapestries hang on the wall, injecting that traditional Middle Eastern style into any space. A popular trend in Moroccan interiors are shiny metal lanterns with coloured glass indents. Moroccan tiles are another unique feature that have been growing in popularity around the world as well, with beautiful vibrant colours and a traditional look that still looks attractive in modern interiors.

3. France

France has seemingly always been a beacon of fashion and trendiness, and it’s no different when it comes to interior design. The French love to blend the traditional with the modern, allowing them to stay on top of new trends while also retaining some of their rich history. White walls and white furniture liven up old, dark Parisian spaces, and are a feature of French decor. Furniture is often wood framed, with patterned upholstery and cushions. To retain some old-world Parisian glamour, chandeliers and ornate candleholders are popular in French homes, along with oversized tapestries and wall-mounted mirrors.

4. Britain

Another fashion-forward country is the land of Great Britain, where decor has evolved throughout the years but still seems to set trends as it grows. Popular in Britain at the moment is shabby chic, a warm, inviting, and laid-back style of interior design. Once what would have been referred to as bohemian is now squarely in the British mainstream. Shabby chic decor celebrates imperfections, furniture is either vintage or repurposed to look vintage. There’s no rhyme or reason to the colour scheme. Bold colours collide with the neutral to provide a treat for the eyes. Furniture tends to be wooden with worn spots, nicks, and scratches to its polish. This is a style made for lounging around on a fluffy sofa with a latte and a dog-eared Kerouac.

5. Scandinavia

Scandinavian decor, also known as Scandi, is almost the opposite of shabby chic. Scandi decor is simple and elegant with clean lines and colours. It features a lot of white, particularly on walls, and colour is used strategically to accent pieces and provide contrast. The craftsmanship on Scandi furniture is excellent, with durability and function being the top priorities. Scandinavians love wooden floors, usually with a light stain to keep spaces bright and airy. Wooden ceilings and beams are also popular, with slatted walls, globular copper lights and stark monochrome artwork as accents.

6. United States

There isn’t a place in America that screams modern style and old money like the Hamptons. Commensurate with its summer inhabitants, Hampton decor is luxurious yet also relaxed. It’s a real mix of old world charm and modern convenience and comfort. Colours are a mix of light creams, beiges, and whites, with lighter shades of blue and pink as well as earthy tones mixed in. Because of its place on the ocean, decor often includes pieces like shells and boats. Spaces are open and inviting to let in the sun and the refreshing ocean air, and the overall look of these interiors is laid back yet very put together.

There are so many interior styles to be inspired by when it comes to decorating your home. Drawing inspiration from another country can make your home stand out amongst the rest. Many people tend to follow local trends and feel limited by what’s available, but if you’re willing to open your mind and be creative the options are virtually endless. The thing about great decor is that you can fuse any style together to create a space that’s truly unique and inviting.

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