shutterstock_148009361Good landscape design is becoming an important aspect of homes, and it can increase a home’s value significantly. Landscaping also allows homeowners to personalise their outdoor space to suit their lifestyle. To offer you some inspiration, the following will look at the best landscaping trends of 2019.

Bringing the indoors outdoors

Outdoor living is an essential part of modern life. With sofas and chairs, a fireplace and a kitchen, you can party or entertain your guests outside or even just relax in the great outdoors all on your luxurious lonesome. For best results, be sure to install appropriate lighting and use furniture that is both weatherproof and durable.

Outdoor fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace can create a warm and inviting outdoor space. If you make a fire pit the focal point of your outdoor living area, it’ll create the most perfect place for your family or friends to get together and relax in the heart of nature. You can go for a stone or brick fireplace or a portable steel fireplace.

Outdoor kitchens

Having an outdoor kitchen is also rising in popularity. You can set up a mini kitchen with the basic necessities or a kitchen that’s fully decked out with new technology and appliances such as a pizza oven. Cooking and entertaining in summer time has never been better.


Sustainable design and going green remains a top trend in landscaping. For sustainability, limit your use of chemical fertilisers, choose organic products, cut back on irrigation and make compost. You can also plant water-wise, drought-tolerant species (e.g. native or endemic plants) or evergreen foliage and install paving, decking, gravel or synthetic grass. Other things you can do include using renewable materials, installing a rainwater tank and recycling.

Edible gardens

shutterstock_148568861One of the most popular landscaping trends this year is growing your own organic produce at home. With an edible garden, you can green your space and put food on your table without going to the grocery store. Grow herbs, veggies and fruit trees, but most importantly, plant what you eat.

Outdoor feature walls

You can install a feature or decorative wall in your garden to act as outdoor art or as a centrepiece. Placing a feature wall in your front lawn will enhance the curb appeal of your home, whereas putting one in your backyard will complement your home’s exterior décor. Moreover, feature walls are functional and can offer privacy.

Outdoor lighting

shutterstock_4063723With outdoor lighting, you can spend more time outside. Garden lighting can illuminate any special landscape features that you have, such as a tree, waterfall or pool area. For a dramatic effect, add lights below or above garden ornaments or install underwater lights to make your garden walls glow. You can also create a moonbeam effect by adding overhead downlights or wrapping fairy lights around a tree, or you can light up your deck with recessed lights.

Surrounding pools with glass

Glass offers a cleaner and clearer view of your outdoor space, as well as protection from the wind. Glass surrounds will make your pool area feel like it’s still a part of your outdoor area. It meets all pool fencing regulations and safety standards.

Bridges and water features

Custom-made bridges and water features are also trending and are great for complementing your landscape. You can simply place a rustic wooden plank above a riverbed of dry stones. On the other hand, the sound of trickling water creates a relaxing ambience. You can add a portable fountain, a high-end water wall or a pond with stepping stones, fish and water plants.

Walkways from the road to the house

A well-designed walkway can have a positive impact on your home’s ‘street cred’. Consider breaking up a concrete walkway with wood rounds and flagstones, as well as railroad ties. Also add large plants or a trellis with hanging vines beside the walkway to complement your landscape design.


Topiaries are more appealing than hedges because they can come in various shapes, sizes and designs. Hire a pro to design your topiaries, as it’ll make your garden or landscape appear more fun and exciting. Animal topiaries are best, including rabbits, swans and elephants.

Using forced perspective

If you have a small garden or yard, you can make it appear bigger if you place large trees, shrubs or boulders in the foreground and small elements in the background. You can also achieve this by putting a lot of things in the foreground and little to nothing in the background.

Vertical gardens

If your landscape has limited space or light or you want to hide unappealing brickwork or concrete, creating a vertical garden is the way to go. You can use a modular hydroponics and watering system or creepers and hanging baskets.

Small-scale gardens

Homes are getting smaller and more people are living in apartments, so small-scale gardening is on the rise. Whether you have a terrace, balcony or patio, you can add raised garden beds, grow vegetables in containers and put plants or flowers in refashioned wooden crates.

Themed gardens

A themed garden reflects who you are and what you like. You can draw inspiration from an exotic holiday you’ve recently had – it can be anything from a rainforest, a desert or a Japanese garden. Other popular themes you can try are rock, wildflower, water or kitchen gardens.

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