So you’ve bought a new house. Or maybe you’re considering one? Or maybe you’re just someone with a penchant for design, architecture, style, and furniture - or maybe not, maybe you’re completely clueless about the whole thing and need an introduction. Either way, we’ve crawled the internet and found 100 interior design and architecture blogs that you should be following, whether you’re in the industry or just curious.

Have a browse, open your mind, see how your tastes change along with the inspiration. And if you have any more you’d like to add, just let us know!


Scandinavian Design blogs

1. Love Nordic

This design blog celebrates all things Scandinavian in interior design. There’s a real love of muted colours as well as other sources of architectural and decorational inspiration from all over Europe. Run by an anonymous mother, there is a focus on children in the blog as well, with posts like unique baby clothing ideas.

2. Design Attractor

This blog gives you Scandinavian aesthetics with no mess and no fuss. It’s a photo heavy interiors blog with simple yet stylish homes around Northwestern Europe. Expect to see a lot of white and charcoal, and beautiful floorboards to feast your eyes on.

3. Ems Desinblogg

Emma Fexeus’ blog surely has to make this list, seeing as it’s Scandinavia’s oldest and most read design blog. As you’d expect with Scandinavian style, this blog is full of subtle minimalism, interesting shapes, and beautiful functionality.

4. Stylizimo

This Scandinavian interiors blog has a little bit of everything, but what sets it apart is the great DIY section. There is an awesome array of projects that can help you inject a bit of Scandinavian chic into your home, as well as a great online shop, inspirational photo sets, and home makeovers done by creator Nina Holst.

5. Bungalow5

Allan Torp created this blog in 2010 and it has been a bastion of Danish style ever since. There’s a fascinating array of interviews with many talented designers, particularly those from Northwestern Europe, as well as gorgeous photosets that feature amazing design and travel tips sure to both inspire you and make you envious. The blog also features a section on vehicle design, setting it apart from other interiors blogs.


colour Design blogs

6. My Scandinavian Home

A London designer goes to Malmö, Sweden, and this blog is the result. Think gorgeous charcoals, high ceilings, and the functional beauty that typifies Swedish design. This blog also features a curated list of other interior and decor inspiration sources, so it’s a great page to check out to find new sources of Scandinavian design inspiration and talent.

7. Design Shell

The layout of this website lets colour shine through. All shots are in black and white, and the carefully curated colours reveal themselves when you hover over them with your mouse. This fade in really makes you appreciate colour, as well as appreciating them alone and not competing with potentially clashing schemes. Design Shell also offers chic ruminations on home accessories and architecture.

8. Living with White

While it may sound odd to have a blog entirely dedicated to interior design focused on the colour white, this blog reveals the power of this shade. Choose your schema, whether furniture, architecture, accessories, or interiors, and see how powerful white can be as your base. If you need convincing that this chromatic colour can transform a space to new levels of fresh and clean, check out this blog and believe.

9. Bright Bazaar

Out of Shoreditch London, this interiors blog focuses on colour inspiration and ‘make you smile’ examples of design in fashion, travel, and homewares. Creator Will Taylor is one of the most followed users on Pinterest and it’s easy to see why. He combines bold and brash colours that add interest and has helped to create this amazing colour inspiration blog.

10. Plenty of Colour

This site really captures how colour can completely change a work of art or architecture. Have a look for amazing examples of both, from all over the world. There’s all manner of colour categories to provide you with pallette inspiration, from textiles to trees and everything in between. This blog also features beautifully composed photos; it’s a real visual treat in many ways.


Big Architecture Blog


BLDBLG (pronounced ‘building blog’) is written by US architect Geoff Manaugh. It’s an intelligent blog that covers architectural concepts from the psychology of colour to where Syrian refugees will be housed. He also finds beautiful and odd buildings all throughout history and gives their nitty gritty details of construction, right down to the soil composition. This is an excellent architecture blog to check out if you want to create a building that will make heads turn in the future, or if you just want an all-round interesting read.

12. Fresh Home

This blog is full of architectural gems from across the globe. While there’s a variety of locations featured, the common thread between posts is that each is a fine work of modern architecture. The blog also focuses on apartment design and how to get the most from limited space with just a little knowledge of interior spaces.

13. International Architecture and Design

This international architecture and design blog may be a little Eurocentric, but it offers a tasty slice of gorgeous architecture from a range of different cultures. There’s a particular focus on contemporary modern architecture, and if you’re a design groupie you’ll find the travel section particularly inspiring.

14. DesignBoom

While sitting somewhere between a blog and an architectural news site, DesignBoom has frequently updated photo collections and information about the latest in architecture and design. It’s an especially worldly place to head to when wanting to brush up on all things architecture, with lots of examples of cutting edge design from Asia and South America.


Kids’ Decor blog

15. Ish & Chi

This blog favours minimal design for the average (albeit stylish) home. There are gorgeous photos of interiors, fashion, and furnishings. Viv’s work on kids’ rooms stands out in particular. A bit of a bastion of Australian interior design style, the blog also features interviews with industry players amongst the fresh array of design projects and inspirations.

16. Homely Creatures

This blog showcases a minimalist yet fun style of children’s interiors. Think simple lines with fun patterns. Many posts are DIY guides if you’re the kind of person who likes having a go at things yourself. Or if you never quite got into arts and crafts, there’s a shop where you can buy loads of cute items for your home, from cushions and furniture to even stylish toys.

17. The Happy Home

This blog follows interiors-obsessed Aussie mum Belinda’s thoughts. Posts can be about anything from constructing a cake to look like a fairy princess castle, how Instagram can mess with your head, and cute family snaps. There’s a great balance between words and pictures on this blog, and there’s no denying Belinda’s talent for creating spaces that feel homely yet open and clean.

18. Room to Bloom

Run by a Dutch interior designer living in London, you won’t find anything twee or covered in cartoon characters in the rooms Ursula designs. Her Room to Bloom blog offers inspiration for those wanting a chic kids’ decor that will continue to stay stylish as their children grow.

19. Nest Design Studio

The creator of this blog realised her passion for children’s interior design when she had her first child; hence the name Nest. This blog is great for opulent kids’ decor ideas as there’s a fancy yet fun vibe in the inspiration here. It really seems as though the designs in this blog cater to the interests of the kids rather than what Mum will want.


Inspirational Design blog

20. The Life Creative

The creative spirit of this blog’s creator is infectious. Chris Carroll is passionate about decorating, and has a real talent for putting this love into words and beautiful images. You’ll find a smorgasbord of commentary here on the reality show The Block, up and coming Aussie designers, and information on international interior trends here. The Life Creative also has a lot of advice that’s quite affordable to implement, something many other design blogs are missing!

21. House by the Water

This design blog follows the transformation of an empty block of land in Mandurah, Western Australia. It’s quite incredible to see something built up from nothing, and the wish list posts on the blog are quite relatable… This is a good blog for those starting on their own interior design and architecture blogs from the ground up.

22. Oh Joy

Oh Joy is a daily - that’s right, daily - blog that shares lovely little life moments centred around fashion, design, and food. Founder Joy Cho is based in Los Angeles and has a real gift for capturing a season or emotion with the pops of colour and palettes that she uses.

23. Young House Love

This blog is run by a young US couple who have fixed up a total of three homes in seven years. The site offers over 3,000 pages of DIY projects, photos, and snippets into the lives of the owners. It’s a well-written blog, and the couple are incredibly likeable, not to mention full of achievable design advice that anyone can relate to!

24. Dos Family

Head here for amazing DIY interior projects with a touch of quirk. Creator Jenny Brandt hails from the south of Sweden and has collected many wonderful and weird interiors offerings for you to add that unique spark of interest to your home. There are lots of kids interiors projects they’re sure to love, as well as ideas inspired by the sinister series Twin Peaks and other sources.


Industry blog

25. The Design Files

This blog examines Australian design in all its forms; from architecture and interiors to gardens, food, fine arts, and craft. There’s a stream of daily and original content that sets this blog apart from the hobby blogs as something more professional. The Design Files are no strangers to awards, either. Named by the UK Times as one of the world’s Top 50 Design Blogs, they’ve also been featured in publications like The Age, The Good Weekend, Urbis (NZ), Design Quarterly, and more. That in itself lets you know that this blog is a must read.

26. The Daily Imprint

This blog has a great balance between art, fashion, interiors, and photography. There’s also a wealth of interesting interviews with talented Australians for you to peruse, from lots of interior designers to editors, fashion creators, and artists. Impeccable taste meets a clean and uncluttered style in this interior design blog.

27. Design Library

Design Library is a blog that consistently sits on the cutting edge of the industry. A well curated page, this is the place to go to find out the latest industry trends. Created by designer Liane Cooper, Design Library started as a way for her to collect all her contracts in one spot, and has instead ended up as somewhat of a design directory.


This blog comes out of Victoria, British Columbia. Founder Ivan Meade creates classic and chic interior design schemes, and has also worked on a line of art, fabrics, and accessories that you can peruse online. LIFEMSTYLE is a collection of interviews with renowned designers, trend reports, articles, and creative concepts; all in all a great place to read up on the thoughts of other designers.

29. Designer Pages

This design and architecture blog has been going strong since 2003. It focuses on the latest architecture and design products and mulls over everything a designer may consider using to create their interiors scheme. There are also interviews with trend forecasters and heavy hitters in the architecture and design world.

30. Houzz

This Australian based blog will connect you with the professional you need to realise your interior design project. It’s also a great place to shop online, with loads of chic products created with design in mind available for sale, categorised room by room to make shopping easier. This blog is fantastic if you don’t have the time to shop in real life, and is also an excellent way to seek inspiration for the different parts of your home.

31. S-Architecture

If you love all things academic and would prefer some dense theoretical text over a photo any day, then this is the blog for you. Aside from an impressive collection of architecture related academia, this design blog also has some useful information about upcoming architecture conferences around the world. Definitely for those with a deeper interest in architecture than just decorating their own home.


Interiors/Tech Combination blogs

32. The Design Sheppard

This interior design blog comes out of the rolling hills of Devon in the UK. Creator Stacey Sheppard started this page after becoming involved with a design publication and has never looked back! The blog follows Sheppard’s projects from start to finish, as she also lusts after great design products, particularly those with an emphasis on technology.

33. RoomSketcher

This interior design blog is run by the founders of an app, so you know it’ll be technical. The page lets you plan your design ideas in 3D, complete with walls, flooring, furniture, decorations, and so on. It’s a cool site to get an idea of what your place might look like with those new interior design ideas implemented. It’s also a great place to check that your design looks good before you spend the money and knock down walls. RoomSketcher also offers good insight into what’s going on in the world of interiors.

34. Web Urbanist

This blog offers daily content from a variety of angles; think art, travel, urban architecture, and the latest in technological offerings. Great for those who love their city-centric urban design, this blog has some tasty tech design morsels in a variety of forms, from 3D printed Halloween masks to space-saving designs for those who need to think about saving spaces.

35. Yanko Design

Yanko Design would also sit pretty well in the category of Best International Interior Design Blogs, but we just love their take on technology. This blog has a reputation for sitting on the forefront of the latest design trends, and they certainly think outside the box and well into the future. Expect to see interesting posts on future space station architecture and the latest in audio, industrial, and appliance design.

36. Inhabitat

This New York City based blog is all about ruminating on the future of design. There’s interesting content on a variety of different design facets, from the vegan food industry to the latest in technological ideas and materials that will inform the design of the future. This diverse team from all over the world offers insight into the latest innovations that make up the world of design, resulting in a blog that’s a great read.


International blog


This interior design blog is perfect for those with a love for candy pastel colours and the finer things in life, with a dash of minimalism for extra good measure. Interior designer/architect Elisabetta Rizzato has curated a lovely VSCO camera-filtered collection of great examples of international design, focusing on Italian interiors and design.

38. Design Addicts Platform

This blog is a brilliant blend of Australian and international designs in various forms. Headed by a talented team that shares a great passion for design, there’s a wealth of different backgrounds informing this very well-rounded blog. It may be an Aussie based team, but their focus on international design is hard to beat!

39. The Selby

This blog started by Californian Todd Selby sharing posts of his friends’ homes. THese days the site has up to 100,000 unique clicks per day, meaning that it has led to some incredibly interesting collaborations from companies based on great design. Selby has particular insight into what makes great fashion design, and has worked with diverse brands such as FENDI, Nike, Sony, eBay, and Microsoft; further proof of this blog’s international presence.

40. Latin American Design

A blog offshoot of the Latin American Design Festival, head here to check out a distinctly South American design aesthetic. Enjoy bold colour schemes and interesting geometric shapes and patterns in this diverse collection. There’s everything from creative packaging ideas to works of art. Give yourself a break from European chic and controlled modern contemporary design, and have a look at what Latin America has to offer in terms of design.

41. Ethniciti

This African American blog draws inspiration from rich African textiles and landscapes. Aside from plenty of interesting fabrics and textures to enjoy, there’s also information about African cuisine and inspiring colour palettes based on the country’s beautiful natural scenery and colours.

42. Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern is one of interior design’s most celebrated voices at the moment, so of course we couldn’t leave her off our list! Her blog shows how Abigail adds her own personal charm to classic design, and the lovely conversational tone of her writing will hook you in until you’ve realised hours have passed.


Fabrics blog

43. Heimtextil

Head here for the absolute best in all things textile design. This Frankfurt based blog is written in both English and German, and offers both an array of inspirational fabrics to look at as well as industry trend reports. The aesthetics presented in this design blog are well-rounded with a good blend of out-there and upcoming wacky designs with timeless favourites.

44. Absolutely Beautiful Things

Part personal blog and part design homage, this post was created by Anna Spiro, owner of Brisbane’s Black & Spiro. Her interior design is inspired by lots of lush fabrics and feminine touches, as well as a love of the architecture of Europe and New York. Snaps of holiday travel times are interspersed with frou-frou and swathes of fabric.

45. Textile Blog

As you may guess from the title of this blog, what you see is what you get. Head here for a textbook style textile exploration. It’s a straight up and down portrayal of the textile industry, from current trends to historical fabric practices. There are diverse examples of textiles, from outdoor shade sails to cotton floral dresses. There’s even a fabrics encyclopaedia!

46. All Over Print

Curated by Israeli designer Ayelet Iontef, this personal blog curates an array of interesting textiles and fabrics for the home. There are gorgeous designs on display as well as insights into how design can influence moments in everyday life. It also links to Iontef’s Etsy store, where you can find some unique fashion from scarves and bags to cushions, all in tie dyes and great textures.

47. Design Crafty

Run by New Zealand based craft specialist, Karuna, Design Crafty is for those arts and crafts lovers in the design world. There’s a wonderful selection of textile pieces that all carry that homemade touch, as well as crocheting weaving and knits.


Australian Design blog

48. Get in My Home

Out of country Victoria, this blog showcases international trends in minimalist interiors, and how to recreate the look with Australian products. With the addition of comfort food and functional home touches, warm details are added to rooms with edgy lines in this interiors blog. Creator Emily Osmond has a real flair for textures in her design.

49. Moyou

This Canberra based blog follows the work of two contemporary artists who use traditional Japanese resist dyeing techniques. Artists Melinda Heal and Amy Kerr-Menz say they focus on textiles, but their portfolio is diverse with intricate stencil designs and jewellery available through their Etsy store.

50. DustJacket Attic

This collection of photos is like a curation of editorial pictures from Home Beautiful, or even Vogue. The blog draws heavily on Eastern Suburbs Sydney, with tips and insight on everything from food, fashion, homewares, and travel.

51. Thea and Sami

This textiles blog from Brisbane focuses on printing onto natural fabrics. Thea and Sami create their own designs and hand screen them onto textiles, such as linen, to create a personalised home interior design touch for their clients. They even work with weddings and special events! This design blog is a great source of inspiration for those who love to screen print, or just any crafty and creative sort.

52. Home Heaven

This is a comprehensive and all-encompassing Australian design blog that has something for everyone. You can head here for product reviews as well as advice for interiors and renovations for those on a budget, with family and pets, and loads more. There’s also a forum for you to bounce around ideas and get the inside low-down on your interiors projects.


Boutique Design blog

53. Arent & Pyke

Arent & Pyke is run by two designers living between the two cities of New York and Sydney. This design blog features a beautiful blend of stark minimalism that pays homage to traditionalist design roots. Arent&Pyke aim to create balance with interior spaces that allow room to breathe. You’ll see no overcrowding here, just style that will stand the test of time.

54. Designer Man Cave

Designer Kate Abdou has carved herself a nice little niche of kitting out bachelor pads. While the minimalist spaces in muted colours can certainly be appreciated regardless of what chromosomes you possess, this blog is a great one for inspiration and practical advice.

55. Apartment Therapy

This is the place for urban dwellers to head to when they want inspiration on great design for apartments. It proves that space doesn’t hinder great interior design at all. With incredible before and afters, advice to achieve a stunning interior scheme on a budget, and cool DIY projects, even if it’s not apartment design advice you’re looking for, this blog still delivers a whole lot of impressive content.

56. Retail Design Blog

There’s no denying that retail spaces require their own set of design challenges. How can you create a welcoming space that both embodies the brand while putting the customer in a certain frame of mind? Retail Design Blog has many examples of excellent design from all over the world, and you can browse by category or location for ease and simplicity.

57. Alycia Wicker

This interiors consulting blog provides relevant advice on how to create an interiors empire while focusing on how to find your niche. Run by Alycia Wicker, this blog is a great tool for those in the interior design industry who want to build their business, offering advice on everything from website building to how to define and find your audience.


Opulent Design blog

58. CocoCozy

This blog is all about grandeur. Think Vogue inspired images of lush and extravagant homes. CocoCozy is a great read for those who love luxe and glamour, and for those who can afford things like installing a wrought iron spiral staircase and holidaying in French chateaus. What a life! We can only dream.

59. The Style Project

The design advice offered in this interiors blog simply screams Sydney’s Northern Beaches. You should head to this blog for advice on how to properly execute a look of luxury and wealth. There are offerings like spindly cactus-filled ceramics and furniture sets, and although they might all look straight from the boutiques of Mosman, you can find a few bargains in here too.

60. La Maison Jolie

This page is run by Australian blogger, Rani, but showcases a French chic throughout. While paying tribute to traditional French style, La Maison Jolie also thrives on repurposing and upcycling objects. It’s a great page if you love breathing new life into old objects.

61. Coco + Kelley

This interiors site offers modern glamour with luxurious style rooted in a love for clean lines. Blogger Cassandra Lavalle curates, styles, and shoots most of the gorgeous images you’ll find on this blog. On top of that, she offers plenty of advice on the essential points that end up completing each look, so that you can easily recreate the ones you love in your own home.

62. Emily A Clarke

US blogger and mother of five Emily A Clarke started this blog when she was redesigning her own home, which is probably why the gorgeous styles covered in her blog feel so achievable! While the luxurious pieces and shoots featured on this blog are opulent to a tee, you still feel as if you can make them happen in your own home. Clarke’s writing style will also draw you into this blog.

63. Margo and Me

Margo and Me is a great destination for luxury millennial style. These homes offer a playful take on French grandeur; think party dressups, unashamed selfies, and gorgeous globetrotting shots. Creator Jenny Bernheim has created an ambitious yet approachable chic aesthetic on this lifestyle and beauty blog.


Homey Design blog

64. Decor8

Curated by American interiors stylist and author Holly Becker, this blog features tips on how to achieve a gorgeous home you love. Becker maintains a real balance between a chic interior scheme and cosy touches that make you want to move into the spaces she designs. Lots of floral touches and amazing looking meal features on this blog will make you agree!

65. So Haute

US interiors expert Nicole Gibbons has created a collection of stylish yet approachable interior design schemes. There’s a wealth of advice on entertaining, decorating, and more on this blog, including videos. We definitely want to move into one of the homes featured here; there’s a dramatic and classic style but completely without that sterile hotel feel where you’re afraid to be comfortable and mess things up.

66. Lark & Linen

Jacquelyn Clark is an interior designer based in Toronto, Canada. Her blog has a soft and pretty aesthetic that gives her interiors projects a cosy and homey feel. With food posts like Apple Cider Marshmallows, you’ll want to lie down and snuggle in to take in all the lovely posts this blog has to offer.

67. The Kitchy Kitchen

While this LA based blog focuses mainly on innovative comfort food, there’s some great snippets of creator Claire Thomas’ taste in interiors, too. There’s midcentury modern furnishings with classic silhouettes and comfort, designed in bright colours for unique individuality and a little bit of that California style.

68. Cozy Home Interiors

There’s definitely a DIY feel to this home interiors blog. Run by Aussie Allison for the last two years, her design ethos is that you should always add a touch of your own personality into your interior design plans. Especially great for those who are looking for inspiration in their suburban homes, this blog definitely delivers that homey touch.


Everyday Interior Design blog

69. The Interiors Addict

While this blog has a self-proclaimed interiors focus, you can actually find all sorts of advice on all things design, including food. There’s great advice on furniture setups and creating specialised rooms. Founder, Jen Bishop, has been running this blog for the last two years with some great success. What sets it apart from other blogs is the focus on making interior design accessible for the layman and average person who doesn’t have a ludicrous interiors budget.

70. Addicted 2 Decorating

This blog is run by all-American housewife, Kristi, who loves getting her hands dirty and reinvigorating thrift store items in her interior design schemes. Kristi is all about achieving your ideal interior aesthetic without a giant budget, and offers great ideas to do up your home on the cheap.

71. Design Sponge

This DIY blogger knows what her audience wants. Each awesome project is filtered by difficulty, cost, materials, and techniques, making it super easy to browse for that particular project you’re looking for. There is a great array of items you can create here, from planters and Halloween manicures to backpacks and beyond.

72. The DIY Showoff

This blog has collected loads and loads of amazing DIY projects under the one roof. Enthusiasts can filter by category and dream up their latest DIY creation. Head here for recycled interiors and advice on how to deck your home out affordably..

73. IKEAHackers

If you’re into interiors, you know that IKEA furniture is ubiquitous, just everywhere! If you want to get a little more creative with your interior designing, then perhaps this site will inspire you. It’s full of embellished, modified, and repurposed IKEA designs. And quite simply, is an amazing display of creativity!


DIY Design blog

74. Katrina Chambers

Since Katrina was on The Block in 2011, she’s been a busy bee writing her own design blog. This blog will appeal to country mums and lovers of minimalism in suburban design. It’s a little slice of Katrina’s life as a mum of three boys, as well as some fun DIY projects you can try at home.

75. McGrath II

This mother daughter duo of interior designers have created a great space for DIY projects. Based in New York City, the pair give you the lowdown on how to achieve designer chic for less. This blog is great if you want to achieve that Manhattan riche look, but don’t have the Upper East Side budget going on.


Furniture blogs

76. Pad Style

This blog has a focus on furniture. Have a look if you need inspiration for gorgeous modern pieces to style your home. Pad Style also has something for those who love international minimalist architecture that focuses on geometric shapes - think stark, stylish LA homes dotting the hillside - there’s even an impressive array of featured art pieces.

77. Paint Me White

Paint Me White is run by Gold Coast resident, Sandy, who is also the Queensland stockist for Chalk Paint decorative paint by Annie Sloan. Sandy truly believes in the adage that you can spruce anything up with a fresh coat of paint. The focus of her design blog is on repurposing vintage furniture with fresh new colours.

78. Moco Loco

This blog offers great advice on home accessories and architecture, but the furniture it features make for especially great works of art. Beautiful, edgy lines mould with functional features in this collection, although some look like they should be in an art gallery instead of under your arse! Creator Harry Wakefield has made this website a great space for admiring the beauty of modern contemporary design.

79. ​vosgesparis

Dutch blogger/journalist/stylist/ceonceptualist Desiree Groenendal runs this Scandinavian inspired interior design and lifestyle blog where she shares everything from styling ideas and travel stories to pieces by her favourite designers and brands. Her furniture pieces truly stand out as they offer simple yet dramatic silhouettes in black.


Artistic Design blog

80. Design Milk

This blog explores interiors from an abstract and artsy perspective. To give you an idea, some posts are about the potential of white paper, and another hails Vibram Furoshiki shoes as ‘origami for the feet’. An LA based blog, this one is unashamedly hip.

81. Contemporist

As you may have guessed from the name, this blog features great examples of modern contemporary art, architecture, and interior design. Here you can find chairs inspired by Picasso and buildings worthy of being called works of art. There are also great travel tips for those with a wanderlust for well designed spaces all over the globe.

82. Yellowtrace

Creator Dana Tomic Hughes was born in former Yugoslavia, but now calls Sydney home. Her design blog features journeys into specialised design projects and creative thinking, and is truly inspirational for those who want to inject art into their decorating schemes.

83. Dezeen

Head to Dezeen for a carefully curated collection of the best the design world has to offer. The architecture, interiors, and design projects on display here are works of art, and act as a source of inspiration for both seasoned and amateur designers. It’s also a great spot for industry trends and speculation.

84. The Cool Hunter

This Aussie based blog has scoured both here and abroad to bring you the best in architecture, arts, and interiors. We particularly love their arts section, as they tend to feature simple yet detailed prints that offer different strengths from many angles.


Innovative Design blog

85. Design Hunter

Design Hunter was created by Newcastle architect, Kim McFayden. The blog is full of content that features striking architecture with block-like silhouettes. There are lots of examples of beautiful timber, repurposed structures made from items like shipping containers, and stark modernity over flowers and fluid lines. Design Hunter pays homage to small architecture, and also has lots of eco-friendly structures to peruse.

86. Green Your Decor

Creator Jennae Petersen created this blog of eco-friendly interior options and inspiration after becoming frustrated at the lack of sustainable and green options available on the market. Head here for a skilfully created collection of green gift ideas and information on how Petersen designed her own eco-friendly home.

87. Innovation of Interior

Architecture and design academia come together in this blog. The European based Innovation of Interior offers insightful and detailed design theory in each of the posts. Articles are generally about showcasing design innovation in a variety of spheres.

88. MMM Interiors

With a swathe of awards under its belt, this interior consultancy firm has come a long way since its boutique showroom days in Canberra. The firm has been around for decades and have consistently evolved with the times to deliver customer satisfaction and a great track record.

89. Green Design Innovation

This blog is created between Paris, Pittsburgh, and Naples by designer Catherine Montague. It delivers luxe and homey interior schemes that are based on the latest eco-friendly designs and technologies.


Blog design

90. Mint Interior Design

This blog has a super clean and simple web layout that’s both effective and intuitive at the same time; just like good design should be! There are a variety of beautiful unique pieces for sale here, such as marble bowls and handmade ceramics.

91. Design Public

This may be an online store, but it has also become somewhat of a community for those who love design. Customers give this site rave reviews, and they get a spot on the Best Blog Design section purely based on that. The popularity of Design Public seems to stem from their list of innovative products, return policy, and customer service reps.

92. Habitually Chic

Classic, luxurious homes are what you’ll find showcased on this site, and the website design is no different. Creator Heather Clawson’s talent of creating chic New York homes is translated in her website design. It has intuitive, easy to use features, and isn’t overly complex just for the sake of it.

93. Katy Elliot

This website is truly captivating. We love the honesty of Katy Elliot’s writing, her gorgeous photos, and clean web layout. Elliot is currently in the process of renovating a 263 year old home and raising a baby daughter in New England, USA.

94. La Dolce Vita

Texan designer Paloma Contreras has had her fair share of exposure in some big publications including the New York Times and Washington Post. Perhaps that’s why her blog layout reminds us of the Sunday interiors liftouts in the newspaper, or a high end publication like Vogue. It’s a joy to look through examples of her sophisticated yet approachable style on this site.


Eclectic Design design

95. Moon to Moon

This unique interior design blog started out as a Californian mother collecting the best designs that she could find while she was supposed to be working on writing an essay one night. Bohemian and off kilter is what’s on the menu at Moon to Moon, as well as photos essays of unique homes. This slightly quirky design blog gives you some inspiration if you’re after unique and interesting designs. This is the website for those slightly kooky and effortlessly cool designers out there.

96. SF Girl by Bay

Self-described as ‘bohemian modern style from a San Francisco girl’, this Californian aesthetic focused blog is sure to appeal to those who love a bit of rock and roll in their home design. There’s lots of daily content to satiate your interior design obsession, as well as DIY projects that look like they’re straight out of the pages of expensive interiors magazines.

97. Dornob

There’s a wealth of out-of-the-ordinary categories to mull over, including furniture, industrial design, and homewares. Think transforming building block furniture, fairy doors for the garden, and amazing appliances or architectural focused articles.

98. Catalog Living

A hilarious interiors blog; have a read for some chortles! It tells the story of people living in your catalogue, poking fun at the occasionally pretentious world of design.

99. Erin Williamson Design

Erin Williamson is a talented interiors blogger based in Austin, Texas. She creates boutique commercial design spaces that are beautiful, but she makes the eclectic blog list for her hilarious ‘Design Crisis’ section of the blog. Read it for some relatable laughs.

100. Madcap Cottage

This interior design team knows no boundaries. John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon are based between North Carolina and New York, and have some fun and functional examples of their work from London to New Orleans. While their concepts look a little like Alice in Wonderland meets the East, the rollicking whimsy of their work is actually livable.