As energy costs grow and the environment continues to be put under pressure, there are a number of things we can do as individuals to make our homes more green and save energy and money while simultaneously contributing to environmental awareness and sustainability. This article will look at ten ways to make your home more green, bringing down energy costs and clearing that conscience!

Online statements and junk mail

By registering for online statements where possible, you’ll be reducing the amount of paper mail you receive. This can make your record-keeping more efficient while – more importantly – saving valuable paper wastage. If possible, remove yourself from the junk mail register too, and add a ‘no junk mail’ sign to do that extra bit for the trees. The less you contribute to rubbish and recycling (which still demands a lot of energy), the better you are serving the environment.

Light bulbs

Switching to energy efficient light bulbs can have a profound effect on the amount of electricity your home uses, as well as the greenhouse gas emissions it expels. LED and CFL bulbs use 75% less energy than their standard counterparts, and they often also last at least ten times longer. They also release less heat.


Ensuring that you recycle diligently and appropriately helps minimise the landfill problem. Think about the toxins that are going into our environment each day and use this as motivation to take the incremental effort to properly sort through household rubbish and recycle where appropriate.

Composting is also a valuable exercise, as you are directly reducing landfill waste while creating a nutrient rich fertiliser for your garden. It’s also a great way to teach your children about the environment and contribute to a more diligent and caring generation.

Ventilation and insulation

Air conditioning is a huge energy consumer and gas emitter. By installing ceiling fans and utilising your windows, you can save energy. Conversely, in winter, ensure that your home is well insulated (including seals and gaps in windows and doors), and resist the urge to turn on the heating. Instead, wear warmer clothes and use blankets if possible.


The next time you go shopping, take your eco-friendly reusable shopping bags with you so as to not waste plastic bags. Furthermore, start making an effort to purchase non-toxic products for the home where available. This is particularly important for laundry and cleaning products.


Water is a precious resource, so you should encourage your family to use it wisely. Take shorter showers, use water efficient showerheads and taps, don’t leave taps running, and fix all leaks. All of these things will contribute to a significant reduction in water consumption, which is great for both the planet and your bank balance.


Ensuring your household appliances are energy efficient and meet standards can contribute to lower household utility bills while simultaneously cutting down on energy consumption. The extra cost involved in purchasing a 5 star appliance is easily offset over time by the energy savings.

Renewable energy

Investigate the option of installing renewable energy sources in your home. Solar panels, for example, are an excellent way of reducing your energy consumption and moving your household into truly sustainable territory. They are a little expensive to install, but government rebates are available, and these will eventually pay for themselves.

Edible garden

Growing your own herbs and veggies is not only truly satisfying but also healthier, reduces your environmental footprint, and gets the whole family working together. Edible gardens can also save you money and help reduce soil erosion in your backyard.

Indoor plants

Making use of indoor plants can not only add ambience to your home, but also reduce the toxins in the air, creating a healthier environment for your family. Certain plants are known for their air purification qualities. Read our article on indoor plants to learn more about how they can make your home both a happier and purer place to live.

These tips can help turn your home into a truly green and environmentally friendly household, contributing to cost savings, a healthier family, and a cleaner planet. With a few small changes and the development of good habits and rituals, you and your family can make a huge difference.

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