Building Tips November 17, 2021

Calculating the Cost of Building a Home

Building a house can be an exciting endeavour. However, there is one lingering question, how much is this all going ...

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Choosing Land November 16, 2021

13 Things to Consider Before Buying Land

Owning your own block of land is the great Australian dream, but finding the perfect spot comes with many considerations. ...

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Enhancing Your Home November 15, 2012

Creating Features Within Kit Homes

A wonderful way to make your kit home even better is by creating a few new features out of some ...

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Kit Home Options September 30, 2012

Can I Buy a Kit Garden for My Kit Home?

One of the best ways to make kit homes even better is by planning to have a garden, and depending ...

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News May 3, 2017

7 Ways To Make Your Kit Home Pet Friendly

Planning your new kit home and want to make it as pet friendly as possible? Our furry friends are part ...

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News August 15, 2014

A Simple Guide To Financing Kit Homes

If you’re thinking of building a kit home, it’s important to consider your financing options. You need to ensure that ...

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Tips for Installing Your Kit Home July 20, 2020

Laying Foundations For Kit Homes

Kit homes can either be built with bearer and joist construction or with a concrete slab foundation, making them suitable ...

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Kit Home Options October 22, 2011

Kit Homes As An Office Is A Great Way To Work

The shape of today’s work force is changing. To cut costs, many companies are now outsourcing where they can, and ...

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Kit Home Options October 30, 2011

Kit Home As Studios: The New Great Australian Shed

It’s been the stuff of urban legend for generations; the Great Aussie Shed at the bottom of the yard, where ...

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