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How to Successfully Build Your Kit Home in 10 Easy Steps

How to Successfully Build Your Kit Home in 10 Easy Steps Building a Kitome is an opportunity to create a truly special home – one that differs from the cookie-cutter homes offered by some developers and allows you to design the right home for you at the right budget. Generally speaking, a kit home is a house that is designed and partially manufactured off-site, then shipped en-masse to a site for assembly. Kit homes have been around since the early 20th century, when in 1906, the Aladdin Co. began selling partially constructed homes. Array

5 Insights for Choosing the Right Builder

Finding the right builder for a renovation or development job is about taking the time to assess prospective builders against key attributes and criteria. These are some of the top criteria to consider when choosing a builder.


Price will be an essential consideration for any homeowner or developer. However, avoid simply choosing the builder with the lowest quote.


Hiring a Contractor for Your Kit Home

Hiring a Contractor for Your Kit Home When ordering your kit home, you may decide that you need some help during the assembly process. If this is the case, you will need to find yourself a reputable contractor you can trust. So how do you do this?

While kit homes are popular with owner-builders, some homeowners simply don’t have to time required to oversee the entire project and that’s when a contractor steps in. This does increase the overall costs of your home, but the benefits of having a professional on site at all times can outweigh the extra costs.

Some homeowners may choose to work as a labourer on site to reduce costs that way.

Hiring a contractor takes time, planning and patience. Follow these handy tips before entering into any form of agreement: Array

Owner Builder Tips

Owner Builder TipsAn owner-builder is an individual who carries out owner-builder work under the authority of a permit issued by the Office of Fair Trading. Owner-builder work can cover many aspects of construction, alterations, repairs or additions, be it a garage, a swimming pool, a shed or an entire home.

Being an owner-builder can be challenging, but the rewards can be very gratifying. On top of this, the savings of not having to hire professionals for all the work can be huge, bringing down the overall costs of construction significantly.

If you are thinking about becoming an owner-builder, follow these handy tips for a great building experience:


Ways To Protect a Garden During Construction

Constructing a new home doesn’t have to mean the destruction of your garden. If you and your builders exercise a little care, you can build the home of your dreams without sacrificing the garden.


Making A Realistic Construction Timeline

When it comes to purchasing a kit home, there are several things that you’ll want to keep in mind in regards to making your construction timeline realistic, affordable and stress free.  Follow these simple tips to ensure you don’t run into any problems along the way.

Work Out the Timeline

As with any construction project, you’ll want to ensure that you come up with an adequate game plan taking into account how long it will take to complete the construction on your kit home.


Common Delays in Home Construction

When it comes to construction, delays are inevitable. However, you can manage your costs and keep the project moving forward simply by understanding the external factors that cause delays, paying attention to detail, and proactively communicating with everyone involved with the project. Neither the homeowner nor the contractor wants to see construction delays because it costs time and money, and managing delays can mean the difference between profit and loss, and success and failure. The following are some of the most common reasons for project delays, and how you can try to prevent them.

Clients not knowing what they want for their home

A lot of people want to build their dream home — something that is unique to them and that is designed and built by them. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have the skills necessary to dream up a functioning, structurally sound home from scratch. This might cause a lot of delays right from the start of a project, and possibly more wavering down the road. To avoid this issue, encourage clients to look into buying a kit home instead of building from scratch. This is the best way for clients to get a custom home, but one that has already been planned out.


5 Tips for Owner Builders

Being an owner builder is exciting. There is a great sense of achievement too once you’ve built your own home. Here we’ve listed the all important tips that will help make the building process just that little bit easier. Whether you’ve chosen your new house from a range of kit homes or are still in the process of selecting your new abode to build, we’ve got the tips you don’t want to miss:

Be organised

Well, this is rather obvious but it’s vital to ensuring you get the job done well. Here are a few tips to keep you organised:

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