A Guide to Designing a Bathroom in a New Home Build

When designing and building a new home, a lot of the focus generally lies on the main living areas such as the kitchen and family living room. However, your bathroom and ensuites deserve some extra attention, too. Traditionally, these rooms were built purely with functionality in mind, and the decor was always simple and bland. Nowadays, people are putting more thought into their bathroom design so that they can enjoy resort spa living at home.

To bring your dream bathroom into focus, take some time to assess your needs and design the perfect layout that caters to both function and style.

This guide will help you to plan, design and build the perfect bathroom for your dream home, taking into account the stages of building a bathroom, design trends, and the costs of a new bathroom build.

Key stages of building a bathroom

To help you make a start on your new bathroom project, here are five simple steps to building a bathroom in a new home:

1. Consider the bathroom layout

The very first stage of building a new bathroom is to plan the layout. You need to consider the size of your bathroom based on who will be using it. For example, if it’s a family bathroom, you may need a larger space to accommodate a double vanity and both a shower and tub. Think about functionality and where you would want your bath, shower and vanity located. If you want your toilet within the bathroom, think carefully about where you want this to go, too. The layout of your bathroom should also be space-saving and allow for plenty of storage. You can choose a bathroom layout from existing new home designs, or, make customisations to get the bathroom that will meet your exact needs.

2. Source inspiration

Gain inspiration for bathroom layouts and design elements by looking up images of bathrooms on Google, researching bathroom design articles as well as visiting a local bathroom showrooms. At this stage of the bathroom build process, you should be collecting enough images and ideas to get a clear idea of what you like vs what you don’t like.

3. Choose your bathroom theme

Once you’ve collated enough images, sketches and ideas for your new bathroom you should have a bathroom theme that you prefer. There are several trending bathroom themes out there, all with their own unique style and personality. Some bathroom themes that are perfect for a new home include:

  • Day spa
  • Luxury/Hotel
  • Hamptons
  • Minimalist
  • Country chic

Once you have a sense of what you like, you can reach out to a design professional to assist you with the design and material & finish selections or meet with your Kitome Consultant and discuss your options.

Kensington Bathroom | Kitome Prestige Series
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